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Laila Chris 101 - 2013 - updated and reloaded

I must introduce my nephew to this blog: Henrique.

Laughter has got to make me move on...

Bloody incident and query

My husband made me this gorgeous tofu salad. He had also cooked Paella and I roasted fish steaks, breaded with crushed nuts, lemon zest, anchovies, capers, fresh minced garlic, and butter. What an awesome Christmas lunch ;)

Christmas day in Brazil is usually the nicest day for suntanning

Merry Christmas to you, Roberto!

OLDIES...Merry Christmas Everyone!

Fröhliche Weihnachten! Christmas with snow? In Brazil? My first time I ever seeing snowfall in my country. Footage from late August, my city of residence downtown, one block away from home

Style Rookie

Self-portrait Tuesday

Light Fixtures

Tired of poor judgement coming from me...

One more wouldn't hurt. Sure, it would.

Old, but gold ;)

Summer Time Mode On

the stars say...

I don't know who wrote this poem... So sorry for its author.

R.E.M. = Random English Mayhem

vacation cannot last forever, or else I will die of boredom

Came across this old post somewhere

Great video on bipolar disorder...

Positive thinking