Thursday, January 27, 2011


It finally rained here... but it was not enough. So we need more water because it got warmer and warmer. Brazil is very controversial!

Friday, January 14, 2011

On our trip to Rio de Janeiro

The best part of Rio de Janeiro: I got tanned (Hallelujah!)
 So I've just arrived from Rio today, at around 8:00 pm. It is raining like hell in the state (literally) and in many other regions of the country too, except in the capital of Rio de Janeiro State, which happens to be called RIO DE JANEIRO. Thank God it was not raining there at all. D'you know why? Yeah, babe. I was there and it was amazing. I did not see any rain. We didn't even catch a cloudy day. We only had loads of fun and enjoyment.

As there are no direct flights from Rio to Caxias do Sul, we had to change airplanes in Sao Paulo city. Our first returning flight landing process took 20 minutes longer and the connection flight Sao Paulo - Caxias do Sul (our destination, of course) almost got canceled. We actually went on board 2 hours later than the expected schedule, and all that due to the heavy summer rain we're having. So the whole waiting in the airport could have been worse, had I not bought a nice psychological-thriller book at the airport in Rio. I was predicting something. Nah. Television has been showing us that Sao Paulo City is flooded in some areas, and this is happening in other Southeastern Brazilian states too, let alone Rio de Janeiro hills: over 500 people died. Awful. Really bad!

The pictures of our trip are soon gonna be posted but I have tons to sort them out. It took us years to finally take the initiative to get to know this remarkable place which I had always taken from granted. It is something cultural about not wanting to visit Rio de Janeiro. I was born and grew up in Sao Paulo State where people find Rio Capital a more violent place to be. As a matter of fact, it is pure jealousy since Sao Paulo City doesn't have beautiful beaches but instead crazy roads, fairly tall skyscrapers, broad and fast highways, better food, nicer rock scene, and more developed industries. Just kidding. Both cities are just wonderful as much. I know I am the biggest fan of Sao Paulo City. Neverthless, I loved having visited Rio this week and period.

I gotta be honest here. We didn't choose Rio de Janeiro. The USA chose Rio for us. True. There are four American consulates in Brazil. Brazilians have to be interviewed (face-to-face) in one of these places in order to get any type of a US entry visa. We were scheduled in Rio. At first, I hated it. Then later, roberto convinced me by saying that it would be good to see beautiful landscapes (i still have the feeling that he meant beautiful ladies in bikinis, but let's not go there) LOL. We went there to renew our B2 US visa and get a B1 US visa as well. We are glad that we ended up getting both visas. Our passaports with both visas stamped on are arriving in 10 days. That was a "gorgeous" relief. (I've been watching British vloggers on youtube and I notice that everything is gorgeous for them, even food, it is hilarious to me.)

However, speaking on landscapes (real landscapes, not the ones Roberto had problably implied), Rio people are the luckiest people ever. They have beaches, after beaches, with white fluffy sand, strong waves, clear blue sea water, and islets and islands with huge rocky mountains, a good example is the sugar loaf. But they have many many more to see. And the people? People on the streets, taxi drivers, restaurant people, bar goers, everyone is nice, polite, smily all the time (not like in the South of this country, where I live), and friendly to the most. Although I would never recommend foreigners to go to Rio de Janeiro during Carnival. I know it sounds weird but even locals assure that. I think it is because when it is Carnival the city gets a lot dangerous and overcrowded. It is better to go there off season like I did. I know I am not a foreigner in my own country, for God's sake, I would not recommend anyone to go there during Car-ni-val. That's all. It is just too crowded. The beaches get too many people and it is even hard to find a spot to get tanned by the beach water. Or if you are rolling in money and can afford a nice hotel with swimming pools in Copacabana beach, so go then.


Rather different is the spirit and the culture of a big Brazilian metropolis as Sao Paulo. Paulistas – the inhabitants of Sao Paulo – do not share the extravaganza and unplanned life of the cariocas (the inhabitants of Rio) or the friendly way of baianos (the inhabitants of Salvador and the state of Bahia). They do not share the «seize the moment, life is a Carnival, we are all in the same boat», of many other brazilians. Their relationships are more formal and distant.

And if you go further south, to zones where people are massively of European origin, or if you go to Minas Gerais region, on the inland, just an hour from Rio by plane, you will face people – the mineiros - who are also much more cautious, mistrustful or planned than Cariocas or Bahianos." this passage I stole from a site that I am still trying to find and credit. I am PAULISTA and my MOM is MINEIRA... that means: WE ARE VERY VERY VERY FORMAL and DISTANT. That's us!

Downside: I didn't like the food though. I did go to expensive places but they didn't convince me either. The beers didn't taste the same as the beers we have down here in the South. The weather: hot as hell which i hate. Maybe the winter in Rio might be appealing. It starts from July and it is the lowest season which means the lowest cost. It must be good for shopping too. I had to buy bikini there but I think I made a mistake with the size. Big bummer. And the accent... oh my "dog" I simply can't put up with Rio people's accent with that slow motion talk and lotsa of SH SH SH SH SH phonems. But I survived.

I am happy that we succeeded our interviews at the US consulate. I am glad I had the chance to see, for real, one of the most beautiful places on earth. I am glad that my husband could train martial arts in one of the best places ever. I am glad I got to be in touch with these wonderful people called CARIOCAS.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reposting from December 2006

There are certain times that I must be creating new things especially for holidays. By new things I mean creative crafty work such as drawings, paintings, taking photos, or even making jewelry on my own. This has been one of those moments. The best thing is that I wasn't alone this time. I was very lucky that I had Vanessa, Tibby, and Felipe's help on this latest project: setting up a Christmas tree made out of recyclable materials. The result couldn't be any better.

I can't actually say that I care for Christmas celebration but I definitely look forward to having vacation soon. It's been a year that I don't take a break to really rest. It's been a year that I don't know what sleeping in is. It's been four years that I don't visit my parents. Vacation will soon be true and I'll finally get to see them.

I wanna veg, for sure!!! I also intend to ask mom to cook whatever I want. I wanna overeat, overdrink, oversleep and I won't regret a bit. I will sleep on the couch at 3:30 p.m. I will be out dancing at 3:30 a.m. I will be ON VACATION MOOD. I won't answer either the phone or the door because no one will know me at the place where I am going to. I'll get up and the breakfast will be already fixed on a nice fruity table. I will watch so many movies that'll I get tired of them and then I will look for books and again I will read so many of those that I'll get pretty tired until the only thing left to do is watch movies again.

There is one thing that scares me about these vacation plans though which is the hot summer weather. I know, I know, I know... I can get some easy refreshment at a swimming pool. Yeah, right!!! I am not so sure whether I'll be at the pool having a cold beer while getting tanned. I don't wanna get tanned. I don't wanna swim either. And the beer? LOL... I'll give that a try. Honestly, I just wanna RELAX.

I'll certainly be doing NOTHING in a serious matter. Yay!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Vacation and my John Lennon T-shirt

Mementos of My Vacation in Sao Paulo

Beer is usually served in those short glasses which I personally hate. I don't get why we are never served with correct glasses. Just can't understand!
             Brazilian Santa Claus at Congonhas Airport

No one is allowed to smoke in public places in Sao Paulo...
How cool is that?
At "Bairro do Limao" we had our last breakfast
in Sao Paulo State at this place called LAREIRA
I will miss a few things from home
I will keep great memories again
Free lunch at the Air Company's Restaurant.
That's what you get when they delay your flight
When you arrive in my hometown, this is the sign you see, where it shows you the way to go downtown, to the hospital or to the penitentiary... A Very Useful Sign! Who would've thought???

Alessandra, my sis-in-law, was text-messaging non-stoppingly: "these crazy kiddos are only leaving
 three hours from now... damn it!" hauhauhauahu
Yeah, I was drinking mineral water because the airline company would not cover WINE... damn it!
Our last meal in our HOMETOWN. We had 'picanha' and 'pork ribs' with sauces and it was FANTASTIC

Note: Next week I'll post photos of my trip to Rio de Janeiro. Yes, I am going to Rio and I am going to go hangliding. Weird but nice.

My office is a "Horder's Shrine"

...and I am so proud of it! Ha.🎉🎉🎉