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I am from the south, east, and west. I have all accents and have none at the same time. Visit me on teacherlaila.com . Love shoecase indie rock and grunge music genres. I believe in God just to provoke atheists. I am the oldest one out of three siblings. I am a foreign language instructor. I am from São Paulo (Brazil). This webblog has held my personal and professional deviations since 2004/6 (it is since 2004 - there was a Blogger error once). Hope you take time to go over them. Like them, and Favorite them. I drink loads of coffee, hence I’m stressful and cannot 'samba'. I despise Bossa Nova and carnival. I have a problem saying 'yes' or 'no'... I stick with 'maybe'. Narrow-minded people cannot understand me. I have some good memory for names. I sometimes listen to music. I mostly care for books and movies. I’ve carried the same pens in my pencil case for twelve years. I cook very well but I'm lazy. I love vegetarian deli platters. I like Christina Applegate just because Donnie Darko made me do it. I collect coins from different countries. I love helping my friends if there is something I can do. I don't retaliate - simply can't. I love colors. I can't stand work associates that set up plots to get themselves better positions or a mere raise. I don't want to be a victim of psychopaths ever again either. I am never punctual. I fear driving. I fear sitting on the passenger's side too. I don't spend loads on books, but I do splurge on second-hand ones. I hate people with no sense of humor. I don't give alms but I monthly donate money to some institutions. I love The Legendary Pink Dots. I listen to Muddy Waters. I've got no patience for country music. I complain a lot. I hate when others think my mother tongue is Spanish and the capital of my country is Rio de Janeiro - I'll shoot any person who has ever thought of that. I mean it. I live in Caxias do Sul (Rio Grande do Sul state - Brazil), in a school painted yellow, blue, orange, and brown. I don't correct all tests and compositions myself. For that, I've hired Vanessa (this was written so long time ago that Vanessa has graduated and is working as an English teacher by now) - my caring secretary, helper, student, and friend. I love working out but I'm very lazy. I like autobiographies. I hate knickknacks. I love Pollock. I loathe washing dishes. I sometimes need to be alone. I hate soccer. I'd rather watch sepaktakraw. I'd rather root for a hockey team. I don’t know how to play cards. I would love to know how to sing. I would like to play softball. I love Munch. I drink too much coffee. Did I mentioned that? I lurve air conditioner. My mother says I am pretty crazy. My sisters say it too. I’m gluttonous. I hate baby blue and all pinks. I love Clarice Lispector. I know how to play the piano. I play it terribly. I have lovely hands. Unfortunately, I never have them manicured. I've never watched "ET" but I've already watched the documentary "EARTHLINGS". I collect self-portraits of myself. I barely recognize people on the phone by their voices. I can’t stand stinginess. I hate Goddard. I love Fassbinder. I don't hate Mondrian. I love Frida Kahlo. I don’t like good taste. I hate needles. I am very hairy. I like Gisele Bündchen. I detest making beds. I love the feeling of having them made. I love Camembert and Gouda cheese (oopsy, I am a vegan now). Fashion pretty much sucks, in my opinion. I have never known what to say in the presence of celebrities. My friends say I am a lot crazy. I have a hot-spot for musicians, Jiu-Jitsu fighters, and skaters. No more desktop PCs for me. I have finally got a laptop of my own. (I've had 8 of those already). I desperately need a tablet. My book writing process will be less traumatizing. Now I can type whenever and wherever I want to. I have always been happily in love. I love Marlon Brando, Brian Molko, Jake Gyllenhaal, and River Phoenix. I love my father too. He's a freaking good grammarian. I can’t live without make-ups. I loathe Amélie Poulain. I hate diabetes. It is a bitch. I hate experimental art. I do believe this is a cheap excuse for poor art making and understanding. I sleep less than I would like to. I hate mystifying people. I don’t like trivial mysteries. I despise phony people... well... not so much! I love stripes. I've already given shelter to trespassers and outcasts. I’d already stopped eating meat, but not for too long. I believe in many superstitions. I have already wanted to have children. Wish is gone. Ich bin 39 Jahren alt und habe keine kinder. Jetzt bin ich sehr glücklich. Ich suche Freunde für Deutsch schreiben und lernen. When I was a child, I loved birthday parties, not for the presents, but because I'd use the gift wraps to draw or write on them. I don’t like TV. I love my back. I love laughing at myself. I love being a humanitarian activist. My students say I am way too crazy (I teach languages for a living btw). I despise people who take themselves too seriously. I hate aristocrats. And watch my English video lessons on YouTube.com/teacherlailachris :)

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