Friday, May 27, 2005

This is for you GABE...

When, by chance, I got to find the blog of this young man, I said to myself - this will be really worth to follow up. What made me even more interested in his blog was Gabe's authentic and simple form to work with words and its potential meanings. Here I am reproducing his first words that were published in this awesome blog:

the water in my glass
distorts the outside world
no matter how full it is
i see what i wish
nothing more
nothing less

Gabe, your poems and mainly short stories have made my days brighter and my personal problems lighter... Thank You...

Thursday, May 26, 2005

"OUI" or "NON" ... ... ... ... ... who's majority?

You are undoubtedly pathetic if you answer "yes" to most of this queries:

1) Do you drive listening to loud music at the top volume even early in the morning, even getting to the surroundings of hospital, funeral homes, and residential areas?

2) Have you ever cheated on a test, was caught but blamed on someone else or said you were NOT doing it, instead you were actually lending your mate's eraser?

3) Have you ever stepped your toes on loads on the floor that pet's loser owners left on the streets and sidewalks aiming that someone else would pick those up for them (miracles can happen all the time, especially in Christian countries)? Have you ever been a victim of those public washrooms that do not offer toilet paper? Have you ever sold something and never get the money for? Have you ever been a victim of slanders? Have you ever felt invencible? Have you ever gone through any of these things and have never complaint, nearly realize the gravity of those situations???

4) If you smoke, do you throw cigarette butts through car windows? If you drink canned sodas, will you throw them through the windows too? If you have sexual intercourse in those vehicles, do you throw used condoms on the streets too?

5) Have you ever looked down on people because they:
  • were handicapped,
  • were disabled,
  • had mental disorders,
  • were not as wealthy as you,
  • were Republican,
  • had not the same skin color as you,
  • seemed to speak with accent,
  • or did not dress according to your morals and standards?

6) Do you disrespect those who are elderly or too young to understand that they're just too eager to be mature?

7) Do you dishonor all those who pray for all other Gods rather than yours, even though you know that these people's gods are many and these religious figures (so-called GODS) can be anything or anyone but the One you truly believe that exists. The one you feel it is out there somewhere to comfort you, to protect you, and has a name, and a book which tells fantastic stories about him?

8) Did you vote for Bush? Did you buy the latest Britney Spears album? Did you believe she was virgin after all? All that you knew about the world history is that there was a COLD WAR going on back then? Were you a leftist when you were in college? Did you do cocaine in the 70's? Did you wear shoulder pads in the 80's? Did you like TITANIC, BODY GUARD, and GREASE? Did you smoke POT for the very first time listening to Bob Marley? Did you think that I am here questioning yourself of all that because I had nothing else better to do???

9) Have you lost hope in humankind?

10) Do you think it is utterly cool to take advantage of everyone you know especially when they are: your friends, workmates, neighbors, gas station clerks, bosses, flirts, street vendors, soulmate, offsprings, relatives, clients, customers, tax payers/tax collectors, supermarket cashiers, tourists, believers, children, and those folks who make their living dressing up as Santa Claus every single Christmas???

Well, if you're answer was mostly "YES" , you are expected to seek professional help to allow you release a little of that pathetical being you have been keeping inside of you... And being honest with you... being a human naturally makes you a pathetic individual. So, go for it and struggle to be a worthwhile pathetic person.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


I'm a crazy individual and everyone has already realized that. One way to prove my insanity is by checking this blog out. Go ahead! See it for yourself.

You may notice that I make use of this ciberspace in a very unique form. I post what I feel like. I publish song lyrics, pictures of my cat, even shitty poetry that I create myself. Nothing biggy, let's say! Oh, well... who cares if I am not following the correct procedures of a real blogger. What means to be a blogger anyway?

As far as I know, a blogger is a person who owns a blog... so the new question should be "what the hell is a blog then?" I've found a cute answer on a site that I unfortunately can not remember its URL: "well a blog, as i said, is a web log and its uses are limited only by your imagination. for instance, in its simplest form you might use a blog as an online diary that you update each day so that you share your "daily life" with others, or perhaps you could use a blog as an integral part of a website such as a "what's new?" page or indeed any other page that you need to update frequently. the possibilities of what you might use it for are endless."

By following that definition, I may as well try to use this spot of mine creatively or not, free from standards or generalizations... If you have already found bizarre stuff in here, so you have probably seen old posts that I publish some e-mails or letter that I once sent or I have ever received from distant friends or family members. On this post, I won't do differently. I will publish today an e-mail that I've sent to all my USA friends and acquaintances... It was fun to have encountered this short memory draft of a time that our real adult lives in Brazil had just started... Back in December 2002

" Hello Everyone back in the USA. Well, we've been away for quite some time without any word, so we figured it was long overdue to catch all of you up on a few things, as your e-mails have been rolling in something to the effect of: "it's been ages since the last e-mail, “what the hell is going on?!"... and so forth and so on... Here are some news...

Just wanted you to know we’ve been sequestering ourselves. It’s time to really work hard and there’s nothing else left to do. Except that we go out for dinner once in while. As we used to do back in the USA. Forgive us for not getting back in touch with all of you sooner.

Hope you're still there for us and haven't given up our friendship!

As I mentioned, we’ve been working really hard here with this incredible project. Our English school is getting known and our work has been compensated. Regarding my communications career, I’ve also done a lot of stuff, but unfortunately with not much headway, but lots of great ideas stored on CD-ROMs and such.

I am having a terrific time as being a teacher. My students are all special to me. Roberto and I have learned a lot about this kind of business and we can’t hide our complete satisfaction!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all are missing us the same way we are missing you. I often dream of Saint Pete and Tampa streets and avenues. Luckily, we have our loved ones much closer, something that would never happen back in the USA. Besides, this crazy country would rather create enemies than anything else... Therefore I don’t want to go there now!

It really takes time to get used to our new place. Everything is so different from what we have seen. For instance, today is being one of the coldest day of the year. People are all dressed up in heavy coats and scarfs – It kinda looks awkward to me but it’s the weather thing. Here, it rains constantly and the green fields become even greener with so much moisture and glazes. The landscape is one of a kind view!!!!!!! I am not going to get started with the food... There are D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S Italian and German places in this area. You all must come and check them out. We will be waiting for your visit. This is an official invite.

The best of the best regards to you all
Laila & Roberto"

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

calm water coming down in a lazy afternoon

I love when the day is rainy
I love when I get to run into people I care
I love when there is wine with every meal
I love when my song is played loud
I love when I don't feel fat
I love when my time isn't short, my hair falls straight, my mouth is kept shut, and my problems are none
I love when I get presents and when my friendships are true
I love giving out uplifting words
I love when my hatred is null
I love when my sex isn' t dull
I love when I write and when I write I say what I deeply relish to say
I love when I surprise
I love when I am understood
I love hate even though hate does not love me
I love the beauty of obvious chores
I love the color of goodness even when its color turns invisible
I love right thoughts
I'd have loved myself being lefthanded
I love laughing at myself
I love pets, cats most of all, and the way their fur feels when it's touched
I love dirty language, clean bathrooms, calm water, and cool steel
I love when a baby child smiles at me and also when these tinny little individuals hold my index finger grabbing it with all their five little ones.
I love cushions,foggy landscapes, butterflies in the stomach, popcorn, smell of brand-new books, bread with whipped butter, recovered files, arrival flights, mac&cheese, encyclopedias, scented candles, psycho-thrillers, laminated flashcards, fresh-brewed coffee, fireplace, Googone, barbecue sauce, brownie sundae, lazy afternoons, and so much more stuff that I could continue naming them here forever...
Not being loved that much helped me list things I love
Not being loved as much as I wanted reminded me of all the things that are loveable.... oops, I almost forgot...
I love being me too

My office is a "Horder's Shrine"

...and I am so proud of it! Ha.🎉🎉🎉