Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Winter is home and you should get to know who I am, just in case

I am a married woman from São Paulo (Brazil). Hence, I’m stressful and cannot 'samba'. I despise Bossa Nova, carnival, and soccer. I have a problem saying 'yes' or 'no'... I stick with 'maybe'. Narrow-minded people cannot understand me. I have some good memory for names. I barely listen to music. I mostly care for setting uside some time for books and movies. I’ve carried the same pens in my pencil case for twelve years. I cook very well but I’m lazy. I love deli platters. I like Christina Applegate just because DONNIE DARKO made me do it. I collect coins from different countries. I love helping my friends if there is something I can do. I don't retaliate - simply can't. I love colors. I can't stand work associates that set up plots to get themselves better positions or a mere raise. I don't want to be a victim of psychopaths ever again either. I am often punctual. I fear driving. I fear sitting on the passanger's side too. I don't spend loads on books, but I do splurge on second-hand ones. I hate people with no sense of humor. I don't give alms but I monthly donate money to some institutions. I love The Legendary Pink Dots. I listen to Muddy Waters. I've got no patience for Janis Joplin. I complain a lot. I hate when others think my mother tongue is Spanish and the capital of my country is Rio de Janeiro - I'll slap right on the face of any person who has ever thought of that. I mean it. I know how to say ‘I’m sorry’ and I do say it millions of times. I do not download either music or movies for I don't know how to. I don’t know how to hold grudges. I love animals, mostly cats. Though, never would I become vegetarian in order to protect their lives. I simply don't think this is the way. I don’t care for money. I work in Caxias do Sul (Rio Grande do Sul state - Brazil), at a school painted yellow, blue, orange, red and green. I love working out but I'm very lazy. I do pilates, though. I like autobiographies. I lurve knickknacks. I love Pollock. I loathe washing dishes. I sometimes need to be alone. I hate soccer. I'd rather watch sepaktakraw. I'd rather root for a hockey team. I don’t know how to play cards. I would love to know how to sing. I would like to play softball. I love Munch. I drink too much coffee. I lurve air conditioner. My mother says I am pretty crazy. My sisters say it too. I’m gluttonous. I hate baby blue and all pinks. I love Clarice Lispector. I know how to play the piano. I play it terribly. I have lovely hands. Unfortunately, I never have them manicured. I've never watched "ET" but I've already watched the documentary "EARTHLINGS". I barely recognize people on the phone by their voices. I can’t stand stinginess. I hate Goddard. I love Fassbinder. I don't hate Mondrian. I love Frida Kahlo. I don’t like good taste. I hate needles. I am very hairy. I like Gisele Bündchen. I detest making beds. I love the feeling of having them made. I love Camembert and Gouda cheese. Fashion pretty much sucks, in my opinion. I have never known what to say in the presence of celebrities. My friends say I am a lot crazy. No more desktop PCs for me. I have finally got a laptop of my own. My book writing process will be less traumatizing. Now I can type whenever and wherever I want to. I have always been happily in love. I love Marlon Brando, Brian Molko, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Ryan Gosling. I love my father too. He's a freaking good grammarian. I can’t live without make-ups. I loathe Amélie Poulain. I hate experimental art. I do believe this is a cheap excuse for poor art making and understanding. I sleep less than I would like to. I hate mystifyng people. I don’t like trivial mysteries. I despise phony people... well... not so much! I love stripes. I've already given shelter to trespassers and outcasts. I’d already stopped eating meat, but not for too long. I believe in many superstitions. I like John Lydon. I crave sushi and sashimi all the time. I have already wanted to have children. Ich bin 36 Jahren alt und habe keine kinder. Jetzt bin ich sehr glücklich. Ich suche Freunde für Deutsch schreiben und lernen. When I was a child, I loved birthday parties, not for the presents, but because I'd use the gift wraps to draw or write on them. I don’t like TV. I love my back. I love laughing at myself. I have a soft spot for junkies. I love burgers. While living in the US, I loved dining at Benningan's, Steak n' Shake, Outback Steakhouse, Applebee's, and Wendy's. I hate hip hop celebrities. My students say I am way crazy (I teach for a living btw). I despise people who take themselves too seriously. I hate aristocrats. I can’t live without Alfredo sauce. I like to listen to New Order, Cure, Gang of Four, David Bowie, and Stoogies. I am so not disciplined. I truly want to visit Bangkok and Singapore. I envy cats. I love Fernando Pessoa. I love hot bright colors. I hate being tested in matters of fun, in account of stupidness. I love Lebanese food. I can’t stand malls and fashion designers' stores. When I lived in Florida, I loved shopping at TJ Maxx, Staples, and Burdines. I hate people fascinated by fame. I love Sebastião Salgado's photos. I want to write very simple and profound poems. I want to know what life on this planet is for. I love Andy Warhol. I am very short. I postpone very important decisions. My shoe size is 36 (Brazil) and 5 1/2(USA). I have an autograph by Hilary Swank. I met her in NYC. I love wine. I like I-dosers. I've got two college degrees. I make my living out of something I've never studied for. I don’t know how to say about my feelings. I'd rather write it. I love silent flicks. I want to own many many colorful All Stars. I love trying exotic food. I love Mário Bortolotto. I despise real or fake rich people who look down on others. I love different shades of green. I like Adidas shoes. I love Paul Klee. I love Kandinsky. I always say "f#ck". I really enjoy watching thriller movies. I sleep in every weekend. I am too much generous. I love Rosa Parks. I've already been on a TV cooking show. I made 'shepherd's pie'. I’m mad about sunflowers. I’ve been head over heels in love for seven years, and then, only then my feeling scattered away for some time... I love Paulo Leminski. I love Samuel Beckett. I hate aestheticization. I hate undue appraisal of folklore. I like watching myself on video. I hate hearing my voice though. I love Augusto dos Anjos. I wish I had a lithography by Miró. In winter, I never have dinner without wine. In summer, I never have ice cream without hot fudge. One day I shall have a llama. I'd do barbaric things for a better digital camera. People often say I am crazy and I don't blame them. Have you got anything to say about yourself?

My office is a "Horder's Shrine"

...and I am so proud of it! Ha.🎉🎉🎉