Wednesday, November 30, 2011

O que são os CHAKRAS?

  Os chakras podem ser alinhados em apenas uma sessão. Abaixo, darei uma breve explicação do que são os chakras e onde se encontram. Para saber mais sobre os chakras, visite a nossa página de Chakras.
- O Chakra Coronário está localizado acima da cabeça, ligando as pessoas com a espiritualidade e com Deus. A cor relacionada à esse chakra é o viloleta.
- O Chakra do 3º Olho está localizado entre as sombrancelhas. Esse é o chakra da percepção e do conhecimento do Universo. Ë o centro do poder da mulher e representa a criação. A cor relacionada à esse chakra é o roxo.
- O Chakra da Garganta está localizado na base do pescoço. Sua função é a comunicação com o físico e o psíquico. É na garganta que está localizado a criatividade do ser humano. A cor relacionada à esse chakra é o azul claro.
- O Chakra do Coração está localizado no meio do peito. As emoções, o amor universal e o amor ao próximo estão ligados à esse chakra. Duas cores podem ser usadas nesse chakra: o verde e o rosa.

- O Chakra do Plexo Solar está localizado abaixo do chakra do coração. É o centro de força do homem. A comida que ingerimos está associada com esse centro de energia. A cor relacionada à esse chakra é o amarelo.
- O Chakra do Umbigo está ligado com a purificação. As primeiras impressões e os sentimentos antigos estão relacionados com esse chakra. Também é o centro sexual. A cor relacionada à esse chakra é o laranja.
- O Chakra da Base está associado com os genitais. Esse chakra é a porta para a Vida e a Morte, o Nascimento e o Renascimento. Tem uma ligação profunda com a Terra, ligando a pessoa com a vida novamente. A cor relacionada à esse chakra é o vermelho.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Back again and again and so forth and so on...

Hey brothers and sisters! I know that there aren't many people who read my blog. I don't blame them because I don't post here regularly. I write in broken English and that might be another reason why people don't find my writings worth being read. Nevertheless, in case there is someone out there, this post is for you. Hey. Wait a minute. There is me. I am the one who reads every single post I type. I am the one who watches my random YouTube videos I share. I've started this spot for no one else, but me. After reading a magazine article on my bio... (maybe you are asking yourselves" Why would she be in a magazine in first place? I am asking that very question too. But there is a reason and it is kind of intrinsic, interwoven, complex and simple simultaneously... don't wanna write about it on this post.) Well, so there was I reading this article on my persona, I figured out that this blog has become anything but my journal. I left it out. I love my blog. I love my writings and my deep thoughts. I was turning this digital diary into anything less of me. I had been distant. I was distant of myself. I don't even know where I had been. I ran into me a couple of months ago and looked at my reflection into the mirror (not literally) and said to myself: THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. And here I am fighting with my warmed up wrists against this HP Pavilion keyboard that is heating not only my members, but above all my heart. I like drawing hearts although this may seem cheesy to my senses. I do have a heart. I've got a big one. My heart is as big as my soul, as the universe itself. I have got to let it pump more than just red and white cells. My heart is enormous and so is my capacity of writing again. I am not sure whether I will get back on writing poetry. I don't know whether I will restart posting college papers (as I am back in school, PSYCHOLOGY is my new major), or I will continue posting random funny or stupid files made by others. I just know that I am back in the blogging business. I might have found my religion. I did find my favorite workout: Pilates. Getting married in Vegas is a huge three-thumbs up. I quit drinking once and for all (my best change). I don't poison myself with anger and panic syndrome that was once mistaken by depression, however depression played a major role in my psyche. Being back here for real (dunno for how long, as I know I will be busier and busier in 2012) will give me the opportunity of a new existence. I am being reborn in me and gettind married to my heart... until death do us apart. Wow! 
Welcome back Ms Burden ;-D
"If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to. If you are not afraid of dying, there is nothing you cannot achieve."  Lao Tzu

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fashion inspiration...

Never have I written here about fashion or clothes or things that would put my blog in jeopardy. That is the thing. Everything is broken apart. I am lacking sense of style. I am lacking sense of being (... to be continued!) Or not? Why not? Maybe I have found what I've been looking out. My cat Pancho Villa is lying his front paws on my legs while I type this post. It is not an easy act for me to be here hitting keys that should mean anything deep and it may release the burden I've been carrying. Or have I? I guess no more. Why? Maybe because the truth is that there is no burden at all. The truth is that there has never been one. There are only pieces or bits of me pulsating, like heartbeats that can be felt by touching the thumb on one's wrist. I have got some much on my chest to blurt out. I am happy like I've never been before. It feels weird to donate my non-free time to leave here a post on total unburden. Is it "unburden" a real word? I don't even care as my days have become longer and my air purer. Let me take today for example. I started this dawn with a three-way chat on fb that was meant to be surreal. Amilton, Nico (long-time-no-see-old friends of mine), and I had this delicious long mad chat where we reminisced about everything anyone can possibly imagine. I had a blast. I was thrilled for having recalled so many teenage parties, stupidities, and wildness. I loved everything I did. I love everything I do. I am loving my next vacation plans. I am loving being me. For the first time? Nope. I have always been told that my will-power is hard to be understood. However, it is real. I program things and they simply happen. I am unbelievable. (to be continued again...) Well, here i am working on this post for the fourth time. I am exhaling joy. Joy Division. Before and After Depression. Is depression totally gone or Lexapro has found in me the perfect lab rat? I don´t care what the truth is. My truth is what I must take into account. I am typing in a coffee shop and the noise is just killing me. Let me play some music and put on the headphones. Yo La Tengo. Better. People´s voices make my mind confused. I am tired. I am gonna sleep on the plane. Yeah. Am going home. I am so gonna rest and sleep in. Sleep and make my days count slower. Slooooower. I am not in the mood to give out details maybe because I don't have precise plans. I just wanna hang out, veg, free my mind. Gotta make an important phone call. I want to cook, for sure. I want to eat chicken. Gosh, I am supposed to quit eating animals. Am drinking coffee and digging up a hole in my stomach. Am not concerned about that now. Keep on moving. Keep on dancing. Keep on chanting. Keep unclogging blood vessels. I love the now. I love the NOW! Why Jennifer Hewit's photos? Dunno exactly. To call new readers' attention. To break a habit. To cite that I watch Ghost Whisperes. I like her smile. I like her character's clothes - Melinda Gordon. I am not gonna wear anything like that but it pleases me too see them. As you could read, I ended up not writing about fashion or style. Nor would I. I lack in style and forever will. I don't give a crap on fashion.Voilá!

Bathroom: To dream that you are in the bathroom, relates to your instinctual urges. You may be experiencing some burdens/feelings and need to "relieve yourself". Alternatively, a bathroom symbolizes purification and self-renewal. You need to cleanse yourself, both emotionally and psychologically.

Pancho Villa is two years old now... Awh

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Reposting from a long time ago...

Dear Laila,

I completely understand how you feel. I feel that way more often than I actually should, more than anybody should, to tell you the truth. I feel lonely up here too, there are friends, there are colleagues, classmates, my family, but it is not the same thing. I have my husband, my seven cats. But there is always something that I lack, some strange feeling of yearning, a veiled desire for being consumed by something/someone, a longing for fusion. I don't say that I am not happy with all that I have, I am, and very much, but there is something definitely missing. I try not to think about it, you know? Given that I don't understand this feeling that invades me more often than not, I just try to leave it somewhere inside, somewhere I can just pretend not to see. Maybe it's not only me, maybe it's not only you. I think that we feel that way because of the form with which our society has become. We don't have anything that is really, really solid nowadays. Everything is fluid and escapes us, there is nothing definite, nothing definitive. And I think I miss that. I miss what is concrete.

I also work at home. And sometimes it is really bad. Ok, I only have my translations to work with, but I cannot bring myself to have the discipline I need in order to keep the house tidy and study. I basically don't do anything. I feel more depressed than I actually confess. During the afternoons, I sleep. I cannot bring myself to keep my eyes open. My body just gets lazy and I need to sleep. I just need. I can't resist. It is stronger than I am. In the past, around three years ago, I used to feel so depressed that I just wouldn't leave the house. I didn't want to talk to people, I didn't want to see how the day was outside. I think College has saved me, so to speak. It is a commitment, something I have to do, that pushes me for leaving, for going outside. If I weren't studying at the moment, I would probably be considering life on Mars or something. At the same time that I love to study, I just can't stand it. And that because I just don't want to do anything.

Don't think you're alone on the suicide thing. And I don't think you're going to kill yourself. I mean, I've contemplated this possibility countless times. You have no idea how many. Nowadays it still haunts me. And I really can't say what keeps me from jumping off the ledge of a building, or slicing my wrists, for example. There are so many things I want to do, so many people I want to talk to, but when it comes to the action itself, I just freeze. I don't have the will to bring myself to do anything. I feel apathetic and go to sleep. EVERYDAY.

I haven't been drinking much lately. In the past I used to live my life as if I were on the verge of dying, as if everyday were the last one for me. Nowadays I'm trying to take it easy, especially because I don't have patience anymore. I don't feel that much like going out and partying, you know? But at the same time, I feel a bit dead inside. I've been struggling with my weight ever since I can remember. Today I went to Liberdade, a district in São Paulo where you can find all sorts of Japanese food, and ate more than a human being should be allowed to. Brought food home and ate all the sweets I could.

Where are you from? How did you end up in RS?

Maybe you're not ungrateful, maybe you just haven't been talking to the right people. I deeply believe that there is someone out there for me, I mean, someone that is going to be my friend forever. You know, that romantic ideal of the perfect friend? I wish I had one like that. I had deep rooted relationships of friendship in the past, but I've changed so much that I cannot relate to my old friends anymore. We've grown worlds apart, I cannot go back. I've learned so much and they seem to be in the same place I was ten years ago. I wish I had someone to talk to. REALLY TALK. Suddenly I have this feeling that I need to expose to the world but that I don't know how.

Maybe people like us feel like this because we have too much to give and don't know how. There are so many things exploding in my chest all the time. I have this need to devour everything and everyone I see, I want to give myself to everybody, I want o immolate myself at every second of the day. But there is nothing in return, I don't feel it. That's why I whither and die everyday, when I arrive here and see that, even though I have the love of my life by my side, I'm alone. Utterly alone. But then again, we are always alone. Nobody is able to see and know who we really are except ourselves. We were born alone and will die alone. Nothing can change that.

I know what you mean when you say you want to be admired. I have that need myself. Thankfully my husband compliments me all the time and I know he means it. I know of his adoration, I know everything. But during those moments in which I'm not feeling sorry for myself or when I'm not too petrified to do anything, I see myself differently. I see the magic worlds that exist within me, I notice my body, the way I walk, talk and go about doing my things. And I wish someone could see me through my eyes, could admire the little things I know I have and that I am sure are special. And I don't know if that makes sense. Today I'm not making sense at all. And this letter to you sucks. Today is one of those nights in which I feel my light is fading out. I feel terrible for eating as much as I did and I deeply wanted to vomit, to see if I could start over. Tomorrow is Saturday, another day for trying a new diet. I think it will always be like that.

I feel like I am letting life pass me by. Maybe it is because of the intensity with which I lived in the past. Maybe it is because that is the truth. I don't know. I can't say.

I know I need to start doing something. I need someone to kick me in the butt and give me some discipline. I think I need to go to martial school or something like that.




PS> This letter is going to be short and unrevised, so, sorry for the lack of sense. My hands are hurting me and tomorrow I have a lot of typing to do.

My office is a "Horder's Shrine"

...and I am so proud of it! Ha.🎉🎉🎉