Wednesday, February 24, 2010

If you haven't read this about me... maybe this is the right time to do it!

About Me

I’ve already stolen books from libraries
I would ring the bell of strangers’ homes and walk away rapidly…

I’ve already wanted to poison the neighbors’ pets
I’ve already run over a stray cat back in my hometown

I whisper bad words to people in many different languages all the time
I almost poked my sister’s right eye once

I showed my middle finger to a religion teacher when I was just 6
I scratched deliberately a Fritz Dobbert piano when I was 9
I’d smoke cigarette butts from the floor when I was 11
I used to fake out my mother’s signature on my school detentions

I hadn’t known how to fry eggs short time before I decided to live alone
I invited people whom I didn’t know into my apartment
Later on, many of them used to hang out there
Some of them became good friends

I’ve already canceled many doctor’s and dentist’s appointments

I hate doing the dishes and usually place wet towels in bed

I’ve never voted for president or governor

I was raised listening to both languages at home: Portuguese and English

Luckily, I never liked MENUDOS
Although I’ve already bought a "New Kids on the Block" album and I have already wanted to marry Joe McIntyre.

I’ve visited a few countries in North and South America and have never been to Europe ( I have now - Lovely place btw)
I’ve fished in the Atlantic and have never wet my feet into the cold Pacific
I’ve always feared driving even way before I had a car accident.
I’ve already danced lambada and have already been to a punk rock concert…

…Well, I still listen to punk rock, however this isn’t my cup of tea
Lambada is in the past, THANK GOD!

I do avoid driving as much as I can
I am a great cook now – Lebanese dishes are my specialty
I’ve been happily married to a non-famous person since 98

I teach English for a living, think that I am able to communicate in Spanish and study German and French for fun

I don’t smoke yet I quite enjoy drinking
I don’t play the piano anymore even though I could be back to having lessons

Politics isn’t my favorite topic of conversations

I am a teacher and hate when kids disrespect me

My sister doesn’t talk to me very often and I wonder why
I haven’t gone to a doctor for years…
I can’t invite strangers to my apartment but they certainly enter my list of ORKUT friends

My kitchen is usually the dirtiest place in the house

I don’t feel like having pets because I don’t appreciate the fact they may not live long (It is amazing how we can change throughout the years. I've got two PETS now: Tibby and Pancho, my both cats)
Hate answering the door, the bell, cell phones, and E-mails (This hasn't changed!)

I simply can’t steal or fake out signatures any longer for I fear The idea of being arrested – never been – never will
Some say “Never say ‘never’”
But I say what I WILL NEVER DO.

Interesting facts - Some things have changed since I wrote this post... I have already voted and I have already been to Europe. Do not consider the thing about NOT having pets coz that is now not true anymore. Now I have got a pet and my cat has brought me more joy (In reality, I have got TWO CATS NOW, (one more to the family), but only one of them has been giving me joy. KIDDING!!! I love them both equally.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Five Weird Habits

I was tagged by Lori and Angeline to write about 5 weird habits I have. Unlike Krissy, I'm not all perfect (loved that comment) so I should confess that I've got more... many more than only 5 weird manias. I'm the human form of weirdness. Everything in me is strange as far as I'm concerned. Take my own blog for instance, its template, photos, its title, my profile, my posts... I write in a language that isn't my mother tongue for crying out loud. These are signs that I am not... let's say... so common.

There are other evidences too. I am weird because even my name is weird. My first name has an Islamic origin, my second one means "Christian" and I've come to believe I have Jewish blood. Just weird. I'm also a total relaxed person and that is very weird for a teacher who lives in the 2000's. I'm so chilled and spaced out that I often forget to breath. I know that forgetting to breath is one of the symptoms of stress but you have got to believe me, in my case, it is fully incapacity to stress over nothing, not even to breath in. I'm strange because I've never seen movies that no one believes I haven't: "E.T.", none of all three "Lord of the Rings", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (none of both versions), none of those modern Disney or Pixar animations -- some of my students get even mad at me because of that. Well, at least I have seen "Shrek 1" and I hated it - it is getting worse. I know it.

However, I am here to talk about my 5 weirdest habits. 5? Cinq, Fünf, Hamsa, Go, Chamesch, Fem, Five, Cinco... Only 5? This is really tough, Lori and Angeline, but I am gonna get to the bottom of this. Ok, so here they are:

I. I talk to myself. In other words, "call a doctor". Yeah. I speak alone. I've thought of this habit just being an "aloud thinking process" but the truth is that I do speak to myself. I inquire, I wonder, I reply, and I even get to disagree with my own points (of course, I'm a woman!). I mostly do this in bathrooms. I need to be completely secluded for that so people don't see me as a freak, which I am, but no one needs to notice it.

II. I enjoy, love, lust removing labels of all products I see: shampoo bottles, detergents, parfums, deodorants, beer bottles, even vitamins and food suplements. The plastic labels are my favorite because they were made to be taken off. It's a fact. It is so good to unstick them gently and slowly. I just can't stand products that actually come with their labels painted or printed directly on the bottles. I avoid buying them because they are so not fun.

III. I'm fascinated by cats as most of you already know. So, I decided to get my own last year. Tibby arrived home last March and since then, she has given me brighter days (oh!). I love her so much that I can stare at her for hours while she sleeps. You all may be asking yourselves: "what's the matter there?" I'll answer. The weirdest thing is that I stare at her singing songs that I write for her. The lyrics are mostly about her, of course, like this one:

Tibby is my cat/
Tibby is my everything/
Tibby is anything she wants to be/
She is a smile/
She's an angel/
She is the perfect version of me/
La! La! La!
All right, all right... I know I am not a good song writer, but Tibby is still a kitty, she's not even a year old cat, so those songs are supposed to sound just like they were made for kids. Yeah, maybe it's about time for me to have babies.

IV. Another weird habit I've got is to overuse the Google search tool on the internet. It's probable that many people rely on it since it is seriously handy. However, I don't only use it for my everyday researches but also I have a blast by seeking odd materials and pictures so I type total out-of-the-blue subjects such as:

•Axe Murderers in Cincinnatti;
•Melanomas in Pigmies;
•Natural Disasty Awards 2005;
•How Come Barbie Dolls Have no Nipples;
•Life after Zoloft;
•Dr. Phil is Stupid;
•Reproductive Organs of Penguins;
•and several others...
And the best hits, I save them in weird folders under My Favorites titled: Criminology, Out-of-the-Body Experiences, The History of Exorcism , etc.

V. My last weird habit is that I don't appreciate watching movie previews. I can't explain exactly why, but maybe because I'm crazy about psycho-thrillers and I think previews of these genre give out way much to the audience, so I refuse seeing them. As soon as I get the DVD into the player, I skip the menu options and I straight hit "play the movie". It is true that I seem not to have a choice when I'm at theaters, so I am never embarrassed to shut my eyes during the preview presentation. Weird? A little, I guess.

RE-POSTING... from 2006

Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh this is so so so necessary by now

For the fact that I own one of these (mine is green, btw), I am able to go to work in the SUN of almost +34C. Jesus Christ, this is really GLOBAL BOILING! I wanna go back to EUROPE when it's winter there, of course. DAH!

So going to take FLAMENCO dance this year

My office is a "Horder's Shrine"

...and I am so proud of it! Ha.🎉🎉🎉