Wednesday, October 18, 2006

make your own conspirancy theory... this is mine:

What They Don't Want You to Know

In order to understand that The Sims players are Gods-wannabe you need to realize that everything is controlled by a bunch of specific weird humans made up of The Sims characters with help from all kids that play The Sims.

The conspiracy first started during the technology revolution in all places on earth. They have been responsible for many events throughout history, including the advent of internet.

Today, members of the conspiracy are everywhere. They can be identified by typing staring at the keyboard or using only two finger tips.

They want to cut the remaining fingers that are NOT used for typing off of folks that are well-trained in the typing procedure and imprison resisters in school libraries using cable cars.

In order to prepare for this, we all must try self-destruction. Since the media is controlled by Carrot Top we should get our information from Bill McNeal.

Curiosity fact: Get your own theory here.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hooray for Oxygen

Thank God my sinusitis is completely over! It took me way long to be back on track. And because of that stupid illness, I lacked oxygen in the brain. And the lack of oxygen in my brain had caused me to run out of subject to develop interesting-to-read posts. Anyhow, I am better. I swear I wasn't planning to start this entry mentioning the latests on my health situation. However, I've procrastinated much long to type a few credible words here. Credible or not, for today, I'll write whatever comes to mind. And the first thing I have got to register on this humble blogspot is...

Excuse me... actually the second thing I have to say (coz the first thing was about my sinusitis) is that I've been teaching composition skills in Portuguese language for the very first time. These lessons have been more like a hobby than real lectures to me. Well, don't take me wrong. The comp. lectures have been pretty deep and informative. I just can't see them as being a drivel working task because I know many people do. I'm enjoyin' the lessons a whole lot and I bet my student is too. "Student? Don't you mean students?" Nope, I don't. I've decided to cut down on only a single student. I teach one at a time. That is why it feels more like tutoring than lecturing. Hey, it is tutoring period.

I've got a couple of reasons not to teach writing skills to groups:

a) Not many people are open to writing practices so, finding o-n-e student only, and especially THE ONE for those classes is already a victory;

b) I've really not advertised this writing course yet. It is too early for that. I haven't got enough time for individual teaching and besides, I definitely should gather more experience in that field;

My mind keeps telling me it'll be easier this way. I do not want to fail. I won't accept disappointing my student in case he feels no improvement through these lessons. I am working on his creativity motor and exercising style fundamentals. So far, I could not help noticing how difficult it is to write pre-determined topics and this task becomes even worse knowing that your words will be judged and analysed inch-by-inch. In order to avoid any blockage towards writing, I even recommended him to start out a blog.

Blogging is different. Writing free entries on blogs is a piece of cake, especially when the blog owner is not a demanding writer. I am not fussy at all. I write freely and I don't care about impressing others. I use this tool (blogger blogs) to motivate myself to the writing practice. Putting words together on a spot where you may not be read at all turns this process lighter. Blogging has helped me create concerns about style, supporting details, and even about cohesion. My posts are read and a few times understood by some readers and that fulfills me enough. I have a blast when I get to be clear with written words. I wish to promote on my student the same care and capacity for it.

Curiosity fact: The third and last thing I have to say is that from now on, I'll sign all my writings using my last name only.

Monday, October 9, 2006


Love Brazilian accent when people try to speak some "sorta" good street English!
It's way N-I-C-E!!!

Thursday, October 5, 2006

...a 16-year-old acquainted has committed suicide and that's what I've got to post.

"You call this... clarity? I don't think you have a clue what it's really like to communicate with these kids. You don't think that they can smell your bullshit from a mile away? Every day that goes by, we fail to inspire them... It's been another moment that we all lose. And we are losing them to apathy, and this is prescribed nonsense. They are slipping away through our hands." By Ms. Pomeroy in Donnie Darko

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Wonderful way to write without words

the World Wide Web isn't wwwhite
but the WWW does seem like KKK
it is like living in the DDR sometimes
It feels as though CIA is on our back
the WWW reveals our lives
as if they were played on MGM movies
it is the web of a poisonous arachnid
it recaps ballpoint pens and shuts people's mouth
"have you got MySpace? how come I'm not among your top-8?"
"what's your URL?"
"oh... forgimme for not asking your name"
"how dare you didn't add me on your MSN contact list?"
"heeey... you're pissing me off already...
So, do it so coz you'll see...
I'll block you, delete you, and send you viruses
that's my revenge in this Nazi Net"

My office is a "Horder's Shrine"

...and I am so proud of it! Ha.🎉🎉🎉