Friday, March 28, 2008

Paxil Party

I want thoughtful words.
I want a both simple and outrageous post to publish here.
I want cold beer sliding down my throat since higher temperatures have showed up.
I want my voice back since air conditioners have damaged it.
I want stronger arms and thinner legs too.
I want vacation soon to fill up my Flickr with nice pictures.
I want to rest since my life has been based on non-stop work.
I want the smell of cinnamon, vanilla and a touch of cloves.
I want to buy tickets to Jamaica since Ryan Adams DVD has convinced me to.
I want to talk to strangers and complain about the weather there.
I want exotic food and hot kinds of pepper burning on my tongue and stomach.
I want the taste of bitter, sour, and salt in me.
I want buttermilk pancakes for breakfast Wendy's style.
I want greasy ribs too.
I want a parade, launch countdowns, and inner body explosions.
I want the best psychothriller end since Number 23 turned me off.
I want fireworks for no reasons.
I want empty trash cans.
I want long lasting light bulbs too.
I want perfect-fit socks, gourmet jelly beans, and pit free olives.
I want hairless legs, good hair days, and cavity free teeth.
I want the right answers, the right directions, and the right choices.
I want the truth as long as it doesn't hurt me.
I want good mood, good books, and good wine.
I want fine language and in-tune singing.
I want ever growing intelligence.
I want butter pecan ice cream and a chili dog with melted cheese on top.
I want a medieval sword hanging on my wall.
I want the most amazing stories since literature is the only cure for stupidities.
I want the colors of Miró as well since his art work definitely moves me forward.
I want a tougher soul and softer laughters too.
I want easy access in all surroundings.
I want hands, fingers, and mixed salivas.
I want to simmer and I want to boil.
I want to hug the milky way.
I want to sleep tight.
I want to float in my awareness.
I want to never fight.
And in case I have to...
I want enemies who can never beat me.
I want nothing more than a Paxil kinda life.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Vanessa says "good-bye" to PBF school!

For the farewell night, we went to a hot dog place...

It was so much FUN that I forgot to have hot dogs. I hate Brazilian buns anyway.

Vanessa will be missed...

Nessa had to be replaced by Cynara...

...and by Carol.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


These are my student Debbie and I striking a pose
after working on letters which were all sent to
several environmental organizations in the USA.
Your teacher loves you, Debbie ^^

Sunday, March 9, 2008



� causes impaired visual acuity, distorted vision and ability to adjust to light (Radford University, 1996).

� irritates and damages esophagus
� induces vomiting, bleeding, pain, difficulty swallowing
� may eventually cause cancer (Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2001).

� weakens the heart, which results in an inability to pump blood properly
� increases blood pressure, leading to an increased risk of heart attack and strokes (Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission, 2000).

� high amounts may cause breathing to stop, then death (CADAPP, 2001).

� causes irritation of stomach lining, peptic ulcers, inflammation, bleeding lesions and cancer (Algra,1992).

� irritates lining, resulting in nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and sweating.
� inhibits the small intestine's ability to process nutrients and vitamins (Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2001)

� causes fat accumulation around liver
� leads to its inflammation and destruction of cells (hepatitis)
� results in irreversible lesions and scarring, along with irreversible destruction of cells (cirrhosis) (Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission, 2000).

� decreases testosterone
� increases sexual desire, but decreases sexual performance
� long term use results in decreased function and size of the male genitalia (Intoximeters Inc., 2001).


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Do I still know how to post on blogs?

I don't remember the last time I tried to write, for real, on this blog. You may wonder, "Doesn't she know that on top of each post there is the posting date?" Well, I know the day of my last public post. Anyone who blogs have got to know that, I guess. What I am saying is that I don't recall the last time I tried to write for real on this blog.

I mean, writing right, creatively, and powerfully. Have I ever written that way? Not sure. One thing I know for sure: I always start posts by dwelling on the writing process and I never enclose these kinds of thoughts. My plan is to talk/type about my last vacation and give an update on my latest discoveries on myself.

Vacation was okay. It was too short as usual. I am not gonna complain about it, actually. I got my tattoo before leaving for Sao Paulo. I was afraid I was not gonna get that done. However, it's there: colorful, charming, and neatly drawn on my left arm. And what about Sao Paulo? My home place was fine as usual. I didn't get to see my parents, though. I had some fun with Jennifer, my middle sister, and with a great friend of my mine called Jeronimo. There is this YouTube video of us having fun at bar at about 3:00 o'clock in the morning. I overdrank, overate, overslept, and over-enjoyed on my past vacation. Can't wait to have it again.

I have been back on business for the last two months already. More and more new students are getting to enroll in my school and that is scaring me a great deal. I am glad I am not going to teach all those guys. That also scares the hell out of me. I cannot allow things get screwed up. God, help us there, please.

Soon I'll be writing here about my trip to Europe. I am so going to study in Ireland by December this year. I won't give out much info for now since I am not really aware of all details of it. What I know is that I will be there.

The latest things I've figured about myself:

-I've found out I am an insufferable braggart when it comes to my school matters.
-I am NOT a blunt person.
-I criticize people.
-I am a little sarcastic.
-I ask a lot of questions in a conversation, to find out about people, their thoughts, etc.
-I rarely admit I am wrong about something when I am in a conversation.
-I make eye-contact and use body language in conversations.
-I generalize.
-I get personal with people in conversations; I may even gossip about a mutual friend.
-I compliment people spontaneously.
-I like to talk about myself. I am not a good listener. In short, I pretty much suck.
-I usually talk about personal problems, people, their way of being, hopes, desires, my family...
-I get personal when I write a letter to someone, but not face to face in a conversation.
-I help to keep a conversation flowing, however I am many times provocative, controversial, confrontational... That is my style.
-I like to get my say, get in a few comments, no matter what the topic
-I don't assert something, but I might preface a comment with "I think, I suppose, perhaps and even copy and paste other people's comments without their authorization"
-I talk a lot... No. I talk way too much.
-If I ask a question, it is generally a yes-no answer I am looking for
-I don't mind talking about a situation where I was embarrassed,humiliated and so on.
-I am never clear and that pisses my husband off
-I am gonna die some day.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008



miss londrina

miss this man called fernando

miss college times

miss good music

miss good friends

once again, miss londrina

miss them all

My office is a "Horder's Shrine"

...and I am so proud of it! Ha.🎉🎉🎉