Saturday, January 28, 2006

A 30-year-old smile

Transform me my years
into something huger
From grey to blue sky
From spoiled to kind

Make over me my years
into something clearer
From worn-out to worthy
From weak to mighty

Change me my years
into something better
From pitiable to influential
From raw to bearable

Ripe me my years
and turn me into something valid

by Laila Chris


  1. wow...
    pleading and inspiring. I'm quite moved.

  2. Not really, Bulb!!!

    My B-day is tomorrow officially. You still have time to fly all the way over here and have dinner with us. I was born on Jan. 29th 1976.

  3. still got the cutest smile in my e-world.

    happy 3.0

    cheers and all that poop.

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  5. Happy Birthday to you too, Laila!
    our bithdays are so's amazing, isn't it?...
    Aquarians...the best in the world lol...I hope to you everything that you deserve and all your dreams come are a very special girl...I always knew it...since I saw at first time when you were seated in the bench in front of the your father's school 14 years ago....we were so was so
    I'm proud to be your efriend now

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  7. @André Gabriel:
    That was hell of a good memory. I am glad that you found me again in this crazy "e-world". I am very happy and proud of being your friend... You're a way special guy and writes like and as a master!!!

  8. That was positively awesome. I honestly consider it an instant classic. (May I repost it on my blog?)

    !Y Feliz Cumpleanos mi amiga!
    May the best of your past be the worst of your future.

  9. No one has ever done that with a post of mine... Of course, GABE!!! No need to ask!!! Take Care, dear!!!

    Si si si. Hoy es mi cumpleaños! Yo estoy muy contenta y necesito estar al lado de personas buenas como tu - mesmo que virtualmente. Yo deseo a ti tudo que hay de + agradable y positivo para tu vida.

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  12. Happy birthday my friend!
    Beautiful poem!

  13. Again Laila, every single word in this piece of poetry is well thought out, and perfect.

    We all should aspire to such as this.

    Happy birthday love bug. Lori

    I'm going to HAVE to post this on my site too. It has wedged its self inside my center; I can feel it.

  14. oh, and I posted your picture too, I hope you don't mind. Love, love, love, Lori

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (sorry I'm late.)

    What did you wish for??
    Do you do that in Brazil?

    Going to bed now.

  16. @Cathy:

    Thanks, my e-friend!!!!!


    Please, of course I don't mind. Thank you for admiring my poetry! You're a lovely young lady!!!
    Love, Love, Love to you.

    @Writer Mom:

    Yeah. We make wishes before blowing candles... but there was no birthday cake this year. There was a nice lunch party though in the countryside. After that, we went hiking in the middle of a wood of grapevines, peaches, and pear trees. I saw baby birds, baby cows, baby chicks, and more. Unfortunatelly, I haven't gotten a digital camera yet, so I was not able to register all that in photos (sad).

  17. Make over me my years
    into something clearer
    From worn-out to worthy
    From weak to mighty

    This is me! This is what I want to be...mighty, dammit!

  18. simply, and profoundly, beautiful. everything. you: inside and out!

    happy 30 wonder-full years. I am honored to know you, and grateful for your words.

  19. @Sassy:

    That would've been a bliss and a bless!

  20. @Rain:

    I thank you for having known you!!!
    It is my luck to have met all these incredible bloggers!!!

  21. Hey teacher! I miss you! I need to go there someday...Any day I happear there!
    Love ya

  22. Hey Sabrina:

    I will be waiting for your visit!

  23. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Beautiful poem.

  24. Tinha escrito esse poema de aniversário pra você, mas como eu tava viajando não deu tempo de mandar ontem.
    Eu te amo muito amiga e te acho uma pessoa linda de morrer, de todos os jeitos.


    Os anos entram sutis pela porta da frente:
    ela é de madeira,
    ampla, larga,

    Por um longo corredor caminha a existência
    abrindo as janelas,
    varrendo os malogros,
    dissipando todo o mal.

    É tempo de fender as paredes
    e escancarar todas as entradas:
    bendiz o dia,
    toma vinho,
    come pão,
    abraça a mãe
    e vá lá ver se o carteiro deixou alguma correspondência.

    Tua esfera
    hoje guarda
    mais do que uma somatória de dias e segundos:
    renasce aos 30,
    aos 40
    e aos 76.
    Renasce porque renascer é das mães,
    dos bichos,
    das bromélias
    e das moças que acreditam na palavra de pedra.

  25. @Ma

    Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiindo... tão lindo quanto nossa amizade!!!!



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