Thursday, August 22, 2013

Personal Daily Horoscope of Thursday, 22 August 2013 for Laila Burden, born 29 January 1976 It can be real *** This influence stimulates your creative imagination and is likely to put you into a very pleasant and dreamy frame of mind, in which you will be capable of great creativity. You may not act very practically, however. If you have any creative or artistic talent, this will be a good time for using it. Your sense of color will be heightened, and your sense of form and design will be improved. Even if you are not especially artistic, you should surround yourself with various forms of beauty in order to better appreciate it. On the emotional front, you are inclined to idealize your partner in a love relationship and not deal very well with his less ideal aspects, the "warts," so to speak. This influence may in fact bring a very romantic new love. But even though you won't have a very realistic attitude toward it, you are unlikely to do yourself any harm. The effects of this influence are mild enough so that afterward you can make the necessary adjustment to reality. If the relationship turns out to have no real merit, you will simply drop it with little regret. While this aspect affects love relationships most strongly, it will affect friendships also. In the name of love for your friend or lover you will be able to act much less selfishly than at other times. Love is more important than getting your own way at this time, and you want to do whatever you can for the person you love. Just make sure that the person you are devoting yourself to is worth the effort. But even if he or she is not worthwhile, the energy you put forth will help you greatly in the long run, because you have been able to act selflessly and give for the sake of giving. If all other factors are right, this influence can bring a most spiritual love, a true "soul-union." You may feel that you have met the person who has always been destined for you. And this may in fact be true; with other influences this feeling is often simply an illusion, but with this one it can be real.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

OMG, I really need to erase 2013 off my personal story, except for the month of JUNE

My life has been okay when it comes to love and family support. I bet there aren't families like mine. Hubby and I have expanded our business, let´s say, four times bigger than our original school which we had set up 10 years ago. Thanks to bank loans, loads of them, we have been able to enhance the language school that we own. We have improved the structure and now we can offer  more space, better classrooms, better coffee, and such. Now, it is time to pay back the loans and this is sorta of scary. Our sense of responsibility is fierce;  therefore, we live under pressure and anxiety, mostly because we cannot spend on any useless or luxory items, just because we have to pay back the bank. The banks, better saying. Simultaneously, we are tied up because the more students we get, the greater our expenses become. It is like a catch-22, but hey, we are inserted in the complex intertwined events that is called LIFE. And in order to let life flow, honestly, I may simply accept the fact that I must live one day after the other. But then, the month of June has knocked on our doors.

Last month was a historical month to all Brazilian folks. I would not miss the chance to write about this past month's national demonstrations. A chain reaction, similar to Harlem Shake, but boosted by the Anonymous, that is how the demonstrations started in our nation. The national protests that are still ongoing are compared to the Arab Spring and to what has happened in Iceland, Greece, Indonesia,  and Turkey. We have had a fake democracy installed since 1988 based on corruption and gap-filling bills created by our congressmen. Brazil is an unfair country to live in. We suffer from urban violence, drug dealers' warfare - literally drug related war zones in slums. We lack good schools and hospitals. Our country is the 5th economy in the world but we are below 100th in education. Only 5%¨of Brazilian population is fluent in English and that rate is too low if you take into consideration that our population sums up more than 200 million people and more, we are going to host both the WORLD CUP and the summer Olympics soon. Our country is stuck when it comes to development of the population's basic needs. That explains why people got furious and decided to demonstrate on the streets and on digital media. I demonstrated too.

Are things picking up in Brazil after all those demonstrations? Not sure. I am pretty much pessimistic and even if I were a soccer fan, I would rather not travel to Brazil to see the World Cup because there will be more violence in the streets especially nearby the soccer events. Please, warn people you know NOT TO COME TO BRAZIL next year if you really care about them.

Please, check here these links and get informed about these Brazilian demonstrations...

My office is a "Horder's Shrine"

...and I am so proud of it! Ha.🎉🎉🎉