Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Random thoughts for a holiday...

my new tattoo is healing well. we are having a local holiday and it is midday, am alone home, except for the cats, nothing to read in particular, nothing online to see in particular. so this is it. it is the time to post random thoughts:

1. no capital letters today. i am feeling too lazy to press the shift key.

2. roberto and i have been pretty much addicted to hummus. we have arugula hummus in the fridge - kind of bitter, but still lovely -. i am planning on making roasted bell pepper hummus in a soon future. i simply lurve the garlic one. detail: we make these types of hummus from scratch. they taste better this way.

3. i've finally figured out how to use my mp4. i have had it for like two years and i had never used it before. now, it is all about music when i walk to places. and i do walk a lot.

4. holiday this week. there is one more next week. it is so good to relax in the middle of the week. kinda break the routine but in a nice way.

5. canada is not happening to me this year. then china came along. ok! let's go to china... nah! now, we have in mind going to a whole new place and i hope this is the final decision. when we get the tickets and reservations for a hotel, i will post here the new destination. don't wanna screw the plans up again.

6. need to make soup today. oh dear god. i love/hate cooking. the effort sucks but the results are often fantastic.

7. the sony channel is not working in my cable channels deal. we are paying for a channel that does not work. the transmission - can i call that? - is damaged and i am not able to see Frasier. i love that show.

8. i saw The Orphan and i kinda liked it. only the end of the story could have been less "hollywoody."

9. i want to see "precious", "avatar", and "alice in wonderland."

10. i skipped gym today and hubby is gonna kick me in the butt. i'll catch up with my personal trainer on the next holiday. it'll be next week for god's sake.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

new tattoo is done

Burning Giraffe
As I still don't have a photo camera, only a camcorder and hubby hasn't installed the CD that helps me upload the videos from the camcorder, ... yeah, I won't be able to post here images of my newest tat.
It is really lovely! Trust me.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

101 about Ms Burden - reposting!

1. I'm patient but I have never been patient enough to wait for my hair to grow longer.

2. When I'm stressed out I start getting earlier periods, tons of zitts on my forehead, rashes on my skin, bleeding gums, brown urine...

3. I care for honesty but also for some privacy that is why I normally block myself while typing in blogs. However I let my imagination fly, float, and flow when I write literature.

4. Since last year, I've gained some extra pounds, started drinking sodas again, and the worst happened - got sick and tired of my life style, and I almost gave up everything. This is true, fellow readers. I drive to the borders of my private life sometimes.

5. I have many addictions. I can't control my blogging activities for example. Blogging is definitely the cheapest therapy that was ever invented. Blogging is also the cheapest way to have one's writing published. Blogging is what I am doing right now. My addiction is so taking control over me that I might have ten blogs already. I won't list or link them all here because most of them are not ready yet. Well, I ended up listing some of them later on this post. You guys will see that!

6. I started this post last week (Feb 27th) and I don't think I am going to finish it today (March 4th.)... Today is March 31st... April 1st ... Officially concluded on April 7th.

7. Carnival season is over in Brazil... FINALLY!!!! Just the fact that I was born in this party-like country does not make ME enjoy things that most people from here do. I can't like that. I don't appreciate soccer either, although it is a healthy sport and it is probably fun to go to huge stadiums to see your favorite team playing... ok ok ok, but NO! I simply can't take it. I hate SAMBA, BOSSA NOVA, and modern Brazilian music as well. Actually, there is some music work made in Brazil that I kind of like but that's it.

8. I care for Brazilian literature. Our language is rich, complicated, unique, and it is a wonderful instrument for poetry. This is the thing that makes me proud of being Brazilian - I AM A PORTUGUESE SPEAKER.

9. I am always late in the morning. I can never have my favorite meal of the day because I'm all the time rushing. I miss good old Sunday brunches too. I can never wake up before midday on weekends either. My body has been requiring deep sleep, that is why.

10. I wear skater sneakers, cap, and cargo pants to teach classes. I can't be the classical role model of mentors. It is not my fault that the standard kind of clothing make people look older. I don't wanna look older than I am - sooorry!!!

11. Procrastinating is my motto.

12. Catholic churches frighten me.

13. I've fallen on my back in front of students. I've run over a traffic policeman. I've soundly farted while being the spotlight of a fancy party.

14. Money doesn't attract me. Shopping isn't appealing to me. I don't appreciate getting my nails done, getting my hair cut and don't even get me started on waxing. I hate cleaning, doing the laundry, ironing... I really don't like going to banks to pay bills and hate being stuck among stupid women that only talk about those subjects. Sneezing is something that doesn't bother me much though.

15. I have got more draft posts than actual published ones.

16. My favorite ice cream flavor is Butter Pecan. It's sad that it hasn't been invented facial cream with that smell.

17. MSNing is fun but there are some crazy folks that don't like to talk clearly on that chatty thing. They tend to ask me the same questions million times and to make things worse, they don't identify themselves. What's up with those people...??? ... afraid of typing maybe???

18. I love some words... especially these ones: Void, Mucus, Sellotape, Limbo, Anesthesia, Rodent, Umbrella, Fortuitous, and Blossom.

19. I actually stole this idea of writing 101 thoughts from a blog on buzznet... I can't remember whose blog that was. What a shame! I don't really care about being creative by now. After all, I've been working 14 hours a day for a while. Don't push me, don't pressure me, and most of all - do not judge me.

20. Hope this doesn't sound prejudice, but I completely loathe hip hop, R&B, and RAP... yew.

21. Crazy reckless drivers deserve to die of gonorrhea and burn in hell for the rest of the eternity.

22. I was bit by a dog when I was 12. Perhaps, this is why I am a cat person.

23. I left my parents' home when I was 16. I have lived far from them since then. No wonder I miss their company this bad.

24. I wish I could change this template... I have tried some new ones but not successfully... however, I'd miss this one which I built on my own. I agree with a blogger friend who once said that this template of mine looks creepy but nice at the same time.

25. I used to call "A1 steak sauce" "AL steak sauce"... that font on the label was dubious.

26. I don't think I'm afraid of meeting ghosts and supernatural existences. In fact, I wish they really existed so that I could actually experience them.

27. Morning people could also die... Who would miss them anyway?

28. When I was a kid I used to avoid swallowing gums after chewing them for hours. I thought they'd get stuck at my rectum exit door.

29. Cursing words are so helpful. They amuse me and simultaneously help me release anger. They are great because they sound great. Take some of them as an example: Bitch, Slut, Motherfucker, Bush, Shit, Asshole, and others. But my number one word is FUCK! I love to say:"FUCK OFF!" It's versatile. It can be used in any part of the speech as it had been mentioned in some other site. The F-word shouldn't be considered a forbidden vernacular. It could be said at any moment, by any person, within any situation. Imagine a straight-A student's speech being delivered at the commencement cerimony: "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm fucking honored for being chosen amongst so many fucking good folks to give out my deepest words on this so fuckin' special day. Fuck all the losers who didn't manage to get here. We all know how hard we had to work it through. Some may have said - 'you're fucking crazy to go to college!'... But I said: "Hey, I'm no fuckin' idiot... I know can I make it..." And I did. We all fuckin' did!..."

30. My young students are so smart. I get way impressed by their knowledge toward technology matters. They know everything about hardwares, softwares, computer games, internet search tools, virus, and hacking. They really nail how to screw our PCs and files at PBF.

31. New curtains have been installed at my school. Some classrooms and the multimedia room is so much cozier now. I'm typing this post placing an ear-to-ear smile... Just can't control the bliss.

32. I've just now decided to register one of my blogs that I've been lately busy on:

33. Gee... can't remove this smile... Woo-hoo!!!

34. Now, my working hours are over. I am free. How I enjoy this feeling that I've accomplished my duties. I drink this cold canned beer with some much pleasure. I'm sitting in front of this computer without shoes on. My feet breathe fresh air. They're both free too. And let me not forget to mention that fart I had been holding for hours... OKay... Greaaat. Relief!!! I'm sorry If I may have offended someone about the farting part, but these folks should know that normal people tend to fart every now and then...

35. Eye drops, nose drops, cough drops... My body is 90% drops.

36. Apostrophes are fun and at the same time they scare me. People overuse them sometimes. Abbreviations are also insane. They help us save time but they also murder our will to communicate. In chatrooms, why can't I just type thoooose loooong sentences filled with enriched verbs and all the letters that are required to compose an entire and true statement??? Why??? Why???


38. People who don't smile, you know, those that never ever smile get on my nerrrves.

39. Do you wanna be sad? Do you really need sadness in your life? Watch this and tell me what else is necessary for the rest of your days...

40. Some possible, breathtaking, and outstanding names for my someday-new-born baby: AVANT GARDE, SOLACE, DESTINY, MAVERICK, BLAZE, DAKODA, CINSERE, DIVINE, HEAVENY, KAYTAQUANA, BUBBA, and NABUCODONOSOR.

41. I was raised in Transylvania. Now, that explains many things.

42. I don't let HTML codes rule my life... Well, sometimes they seem smarter.

43. I wish I could make all my students understand that nothing would be fun if it weren't an obstacle. It's easy to understand but just a little hard to explain.

44. I can't remove this huge smile on me... What the f*ck is going on?

45. I'm not sleepy or tired either - this is just insaaaane.

46. Since I can't bump into those I love, I write them bump sticker messages.

47. I'm just glad I don't read people's mind.

48. But I can hardly ever breathe with this shitty alergy. Heeeelp!

49. I can't wait to get my dig camera... it's coming soon. (As a matter of fact, I'd written this 49th thought two days prior I actually got the camera!)

50. Isn't this post ever going to end???

51. gee, I am getting older.

52. I have been having allergies and non-stop sneezing times for over a month now. Yesterday I woke up with runny nose and today wasn't different. I can't stand this. It's hard to breathe. It's hard to talk. It's hard to have breakfast. I could have those analgesic medicines or just some nose drops, but they'll make me feel dizzy after a while. The best thing is wait and hope to get over it. Maybe I should see a doctor but I hate doing that. I haven't seen a doctor for a while. I hate doctors. Here, in Brazil, they work wearing white - just plain white. Dentists do too. The way they dress and the way they normally treat their patients scare me. My sister is going to graduate in a medical school by the end of this year. She'll have to wear those plain white outfits and probably start talking like the average doctors do. They look like ghosts to me. Hospitals are scary places too. People must walk back and forth quiet there so that they don't disturb their patients. Libraries are calm and quiet places as well but they don't frighten me. Honestly speaking, I love libraries. I get beyond excited in those aisles, in between those tall shelves, surrounded by that smell of old books and silver-fished encyclopedias. And the dusty materials make me sneeze and promote in me allergical reactions. But I won't see a doctor. Hell no!

53. "The bitter tears of Petra Von Kant" = Mint chewing gum to my bad breath. Long live "FASSBINDER"!

54. Speaking of swear words, here I listed some in French:
// Foutrez vous! / Putain, fait chier, merde, ta gueule / Putain de bordel de merde / Va Te Faire Foutre! / Quel Con or Conne //

55. Pineapples are good even though they worsen my heartburns. On the other hand, coffee does a great job in my mind's need for alertness.

56. My cleaning lady threw away my authentic Japanese chopsticks which were a gift from a former boss. She broke my heart.

57. I was gonna left a blank on this thought because I sometimes have 'out' moments in my brain... It's not really that meditation stuff, it's simply a mental failure.

58. I saw SAW2 for the sixth time this week.

59. Technology excites me. However nerd folks turn me really off.


61. My latest google searches:
@Steve Wonder Driving School;
@How to rub while robbing the elderly;
@Spring Break drunk girls' GPA;
@Asian Backstreet Boys MP3 tunes;

62. Another something I enjoy seeing to get amused...

63. Some words in English language are so much amuzing to pronounce: girlfriend, worldwide, gurgle, gorgeous, granted, Garfield, goblet. They make feel more articulate.

64. "Comment je pourrai vivre sans mon amour, est-ce que la vie va continuer encore ou bien elle va s arrêter à son tour..."

65. While trying to finish this post, hubby saw a stupid driver running over a stray cat. The reckless idiot drove off and the cat crawled to the neighbor's yard apparently with its both back paws broken. (Break to help out the little animal!)*

66. I don't understand phone books and yellow pages in my country. I don't know if I'm the problem or if there is something else.

67. Tuesdays are still my favorite TAG!

69. Is there anyone actually reading this?

70. I've been addicted to GYOZA.

71. My job is the greatest in my opinion. I can't see myself doing anything different. The smile of a child who's just discovered the rules of the world makes me feel grand; it makes me feel living my own life from the beginning all over again.

72. I hate you in many languages:
@ Eu te odeio!
@ Ich hasse dich!
@ Je vous déteste!
@ Yo te odio!
@ Jeg hader dig!
@ Nienawidze cie!

73. I'd like a spider as a pet.

74. Why is the cold weather taking too long to arrive here???

75. Laila's opposite personality would say: "My Dig. Camera has brought me so much joy: taking pictures is my latest hobby for my every free-time. And hell, they are a lot. Yeah... You know, it's hard when we have this sort of life style that must be filled with healthy activities, otherwise I could end up broke because of my uncontrollable shopping obsession. Too much spare time plus too much money and nothing in the head is a deadly combination - Yeah... I've been considering to get a job too. Actually, this job thing is only another speculation. I can't see myself having to wake up early and respecting working schedules... Yew!"

76. Drivel shovel shrivels bubbling babbles.

77. What's the point on saying "GOOD LUCK"??? If we take into consideration that every event has its probability of occurence... Accordingly, Good Luck is defined as the occurence of, out of a set of possible events, one event with comparitively low probability of occurence and yet beneficial to the current situation of the considered subject or event or process. So when a lucky situation happens, it is because it was already supposed to. So how come we still say that in non-possible occurences of luck???

78. Still there? Doubt it!


80. Check these out:
ENGLISH: "The limits of my language mean the limits of the world"
CATALÀ: "Els limits de la meva llengua són els limits del món"
EUSKARA: "Nire hizkutzaren mugak munduaren mugak dira"
ESPAÑOL: "Los limites de mi lengua son los límites del mundo"
FRANÇAIS: "Les limites de ma langue sont les limites du monde"
DEUTSCH: "Meiner Sprache Grenzen sind die Grenzen der Welt"
PORTUGUÊS: "Os limites da minha língua são os limites do mundo"
FINNISH: "Kieleni rajat ovat maailmani rajat"
ITALIANO: "I limiti della mia lingua sono i limiti del mondo"
RUSSIAN: "Predely moego yazyka oznachayut predely moego mira"
ESTONIAN: "Minu keele piirid on maailma piirid"
SERBIAN: "Granice mog jezika su granice sveta"
NORWEGIAN: "Mitt språks grenser er verdens grenser"
DUTCH: "De grenzen van mijn taal zijn de grenzen van de wereld"
MALTESE: "il-limitazzjonijiet tal-lingwa tieghi, ifisru l-limitazzjonijiet tad-dinja"

81. I've been chattin' on msn with some blogger friends: GABE and ANGE.

82. Why does love exist?

83. Why is love called "love"?

84. What's the plan for tonight? It's Friday. It's drinking night. It's movie night... yeah yeah yeah, in my dreams! Gotta work tomorrow. Nevermind.

85. I can't really tell what's my favorite kinda music. However Punk Rock CD's are mostly found on the top shelves at my place. Then Hardcore... Yeah... But no EMO stuff, pls.

86. Hate mornings, hate Sundays, hate liver, hate pressure.

87. Believe it or not... I'm still smiling - Oh so unusual!!!

88. Aie aie... Liposuction would be good these days... Nope. I won't fall for the international media beauty standards. My extra pounds are necessary to make me be whom I have to.

89. Why do we love people????

90. Why do we feel that we have to love people???

91. I procrastinate - true - but at least I get things done in the end.

92. Let me swim in your blood vessels... Well... Maybe you shouldn't because I will clog them.

93. I can't wait to see my faaaaamily.

94. I was wondering if anyone has ever made a list of people he/she would kill if he/she had the chance to... I'm already working on mine:
- My former math teacher when I was in fifth grade. She certainly deserves to die;
- A bully girl from my seventh grade. I won't say her name here because she might read my blog;
- Bush father and Bush son;
- All sales call operators;
- Woody Allen (hihihi);
- Whoever invented cellphones.
Of course I'd kill myself afterwards coz I wouldn't ever want to spend a day in prison.

95. Tocqueville wrote so much great shit.

96. Hope you're reading this with a great soundtrack on the back. If not, here's a good hint for some noise:
"We're as stubborn as mules with our blood on fire
When we ain't at Sunday Mass
We'll look any man straight in his eyes and say
Kiss my Irish ass, you better kiss my Irish ass!"'

97. Some monkeys eat their own shit - "How smart! They recycle!!!"

98. Why is it so good to find out about those who block us on msn? What difference does that make after all? I'm a stupid child inside.

99. This is almost ending... be patient.

99. My voice has been hoarse again.

100. Congrats if you got through this lame possssstA.

101. I love. I love my job. I love languages. I love many folks. I love many things. I love the abstract noun LOVE and the verb too. I had been down because loving this much can't be good at all. However, I'm dealing with better days.

*Later, I'll write more about the cat... It has just now been found.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Long Live Punk Rock

Today was an unforgettable day to me. I went to a very very very traditional catholic high school here in town to lecture on PUNK ROCK. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Yeah. That was the word that can best describe this feeling. I loved it. Some of my pbf students invited me to deliver a speech on the subject and I accepted right away. I had like 40 high middle-class kids at the age of 16 or 17 facing me and and they did listen to me and they applauded me. I was really thrilled. I trembled. I lost my track during the presentation. I did lose my track gizillions of times. But I lectured about everything I needed to in the exact 25 minutes I was assigned. I think I nailed it somehow because everybody said so and I have got to believe in this. Don't ask me how I got it but I did. The students invited me for this maybe because I've been dating a punk since forever. Maybe because we've always dreamed of playing in a punk rock band. Actually, Roberto did. He was the bassist in a band called "SAFETY PINS."  I even got to play songs of THE CLASH and THE SEX PISTOLS and made the students compare them, their styles and translate words. Oh my... Ha! "I am an anti-christ..." These words in a catholic school... hauhauhauhuhuhaauhau No more comments.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's been years I don't post a webcam photo...

And it has been days I don't post a writing material here. Lemme go pee and I will be back to this typing post. Excuse me. I did not return to the study that quickly coz I got distracted. Roberto was sleeping on the couch while watching the History channel and I needed to stare at him. He even woke up for a second and asked:"What?" and I answered:"Nothing. I was just checking you out." And then he asked:"Why?" I answered:"Because you're hot!"

This guy has been going to the gym every day, including Saturdays. He does Kung Fu and Boxing. He has lost 20 kilos (which is almost 40 pounds) and has been following a strict diet. He has not taken any medicine for diabetics since he started having this workout routine. He is a successful trainer. I wish I could get there. Maybe I will. Maybe I won't. I am so fucking lazy for this working out thing. But hey, I have worked out twice a week with a personal trainer and stuff. The "stuff" part is all about seeing a nutricionist.

I have been writing my meal journals to her daily for the last three weeks and I've been getting her feedbacks right away. I am not losing weight. That is for sure. But I am certainly getting muscles and stronger arms. I am so excited about those changes that I am going to get my body tattooed once again. At this time, I am not sure what I am getting. Maybe a Salvador Dali on my legs or something like it. Even Roberto is interested in getting his tattoed done. We'll see.

Today was holiday in Brazil. Down here we celebrate "LABOR DAY" by not going to work. So I didn't have to work and that was a blessing. You know, my sense of blessing. So Roberto and I went to the gym in the morning together. Our personal trainer is so cool. He is a fantastic kid with will power and humbleness. I just love that kind of combination. MY diet has been watched thoroughly and I have got no choice. Carbs are no longer allowed in my diet until I get to eat the 6 meals a day which my nutrionist expects. It is so hard. Everytime I put in my mouth more food than I am used to, it feels like I am getting extra calories... However, I am not eating more, I am eating often. I have to get used to eating small amounts of food but only more frequently. So tough.

I know this not-eating thing is one of the symptoms of anorexia but honestly I would never have that problem because seeking for thinness at all cost is really shallow and stupid. Anorexic folks tend to have that "yew" look and yet they still believe they are fat. What's up with that? Besides, they don't usually carry intellectual content. Anorexic patients are into looks only and I am not that way. But that is just the feeling I am getting to. It is so so so weird. I won't become anorexic for I love FOOD. I just really need to get used to eating more often.
That is all.
Take Care

My office is a "Horder's Shrine"

...and I am so proud of it! Ha.🎉🎉🎉