Monday, January 4, 2010


I am typing from my parents' house. As a matter of fact, I am typing from my parents' school. I have been here since Dec. 24th, 2009. Never have I gotten so many Christmas presents. It's been years I don't take vacation for resting o-n-l-y. Not once have I done the dishes or made my bed or beds here.

We are actually staying at this place, which is a school, with two separate bedrooms (which are classrooms). We are staying here because of our two cats which don't get along so well with each other. They should soon. But you know, cats are unpredictable. My mom owns a dog and Roberto's parents hate cats. So, we ended up staying here. It is not bad though, we've got a filled small fridge, water, telephone, cookies, a slow bugged computer with internet connection, tons of magazines and books, hot shower, and safe parking. Whatelse would we need?

Speaking of the devils, I mean CATS, Frida is not Frida per se, it is officially registered at HIS vet's office as PANCHO VILLA now because it is a male cat. Yep, Pancho is a boy. It's a wild black male cat. What news! I've been suffering from a strong allergy (propably because of the cats) and I can't stop sneezing. My throat is all hurt because of it.

Saddly I have got no pictures to post (not of my throat, LOL, but of my cats and things, people and places from around here) as my new camera is mostly a video camera and it is not so good for photos, besides it requests the installation of a software and I do not want to mess up with other people's computer. I have brought my laptop, but it is too much hassle to get internet connection plus installing the thing. I am just too lazy. I will buy a photocamera soon. The old one I had got broken. I let it drop on the floor. Big bummer.

I loved that old camera. It is curious to call a four-year-old camera "old." But that's how fast technology ages in our hands. Besides, it is crooked and it does not turn on. It is a dead camera.

My head kinda aches because of the allergy. I feel as I am under the influence of strong flu medicine. OMG! Lemme talk about the weather now: it is insanily HOT. We are getting +35C and higher. I am not used to this anymore. I wanna get back home. I want the feeling of 22C max and I wanna play ROCK BAND 2. I want to spend time decorating my apartment. I want to have those
Sunday getaways and have lunch at those restaurants located in the middle of grape crops (literally). This is too much whining though. At least here, I have been controling my food intake (sorta) and sleeping like a log.

What I really miss is our
last vacation, for sure. Well, I wish everyone the best year ever. May 2010 be divine. It is vital that this year we become savvier and wiser.

I hope the best for everyone. E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e.

My office is a "Horder's Shrine"

...and I am so proud of it! Ha.🎉🎉🎉