Friday, June 30, 2006

...:::Poetry Friday:::...


from this day on, I won't fear any longer
from this day on, I won't see dead materials

I know I have to stay indoors,
sitting before my computer,
so that fear does not surpass my being.

I won't ever have an ideal neighborhood
who cares?
who cares if our cars can't be parked on streets?
who cares if there will always be trash dumped on my house lawn?
who cares if it is needed chains, lockers, fences, and cameras?
at least my relatives won't visit me on holidays
just keep the doors closed, then I am safe
Besides, who's alive that is never gonna die anyway?
in fact, who's not dead yet?
Your quiet average neighborhood???
I bet they are.
"of agony
of confusion
of horror
of fear
of ignorance."
I'll die... eventually

by Laila Chris

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Slowdive - Catch the Breeze

Feels like all the days are gone
Just catch the breeze
You know it had to fall
Rain, washes, ways down

And I, I want the world to pass
And I, I watch the wind to fly
You can believe in everything
You can believe it all

Hey, are you feeling something new
Just watch the rain, it helps in all you do
The breeze, it blows, it blows everything

And I, I want the world to pass
And I, I want the sun to shine
You can believe in everything
You can believe it all

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Different Codes


Finding meaning

Relationship with the universe

People and nature

Nature and arts

Arts and survival

Survival and war


Looking for answers

Conscious and events

The events and gestures

Gestures and voice

Meaningful products

Made to provide meanings

Given meanings

Meanings for the existence

Existence and death

Presence and absence

Science and religion

Local and universal

Knowledge and lack of

Paragraphs and chapters

Chapters and no-stories

Meaningful meanings

for meaningless minds

Build meanings only,

that’ll serve them right.

Since they’re finding

There won’t be fight any longer.

By Laila Chris

Saturday, June 24, 2006


by laila Chris

there is
no fun

you dunno...

what don't
I know?

no clue?

hell no.

there is fun.

you know?



no one

knew it?

neither this,
nor that.





naturally new


nurture them,


not at all.

none of





and noxious,
nearly deadly.

that bad?

have no

you said
you didn't


Friday, June 23, 2006


by rebekah hearn

if the earth
switched to green and purple
if life was blooming blood on every corner,
if space could multiply itself, square it,
triple it-
if love could be communicated
and translated into one grand, bursting
raincloud, showering itself on us all, smother hate but
not fire,
it would be utopia. apologies
exhaust our time together—
sweat steeps our pores in regret. yet, here—here, you ask?
i would catch the night with my toes as it passes by,
and listen to the sunset fall,
and release darkness when you
were ready. and the rest can wait, for once.
but i am selfish.
i love only you.

and the rest of the earth
is my broken paradise!

too bad i cannot live 1000 years to make you
my eyes
are on fire
when you come to mind.

Monday, June 19, 2006

THIS by Fernando Pessoa

They say I fake or lie
in everything I write.
No, its symply that
With me imagination
Feels - I don't use
The heart.

All I dream or go through,
All I fail or lose out
On, is like a terrace
Facing something else
Again. And that's the lovely

It's why I write
Steeped in things not readily
At hand - free of emotions,
Serious about what isn't.
Feelings? That's the reader

(1933 ?)

translated and edited by Edwin Honig and Susan M. Brown


Dodging fights brought me fear
A frightening idea...
Hey, waiter! Give me another word for fear!
No! No! Actually, I need another one for idea.
What a scare... an unthoughtful one!!!
Just one more dare?
Anyone? Who'd care for some more?
Hey, Sir! Serve me another chance to spare...
... my old fears, ideas, and swears

by L.C. June/2006

Monday, June 12, 2006


I don't actually listen to this Brazilian band called "Cansei de Ser Sexy" but their myspace page is placed under my top 8. Why is that, you psycho? Simple. The reason is not for their music which is fun, colorful, and modern in a way. The reason is mostly for the lyrics. They write songs with dry, sometimes harsh words, but they always wind up soft. I appreciate their sour mood. It's poetry to my ears.

Art Bitch
by Cansei de Ser Sexy

My art is called egocentric soft porno
Or maybe it's just narcissism
My one and only subject
Goes from something like anything but
Me ism

Wouldn't it be easier for Beardsley
He could drop the paintings
And photograph his penis
Or take pics of the chicks
Yeah, you know what i mean
Wouldn't it be easier for Escher
He could drop the marh
And make it happen on his mattress
2 girls and a cam
3 girls and a cam
Put a dog there and you got Polaroid scam

I ain't no art-ist
I am an art-bitch
I sell my panties to the men i eat
I have no port-fo-lee-o
Cuz i only show
Where there's free al-co-hol

I am so hardcore
I sell my crap and people ask for more
Call me re-vo-lu-tionaire
I poo on a plate and get it published on visionary
What i do, it's called art-shit
And don't you dare make fun of me
Cuz everything i do was featured on the pages of id

I ain't no art-ist
I am an art-bitch
I sell my panties to the men i eat
I have no port-fo-lee-o
Cuz i only show
Where there's free al-co-hol
I ain't no art-ist
I am an art-bitch
I sell my paintings to the men i eat
I have no port-fo-lee-o
Cuz i only show
Where there's free al-co-hol

Lick lick lick my art-tit
Suck suck suck my art-hole

I ain't no art-ist
I am an art-bitch
I sell my panties to the men i eat
I have no port-fo-lee-o
Cuz i only show
Where there's free al-co-hol

Friday, June 9, 2006

In the mind of god
The dead sleeping lie
And the little cogs though unmoving
Hover over the turning wheel
All life's a farce
The broken bird is draped over the paths
And paths and paths and paths
And those who say this world is not
The bloody gleaming paradise of blood and jewel
Opal and pearl bloodsocket castings
Ruby jasmine jasper onyx
Chalcedonthrone and ambergriscrown
Golden green leafwork
Scrolled with the farstars
Pitted with the moonworlds
Mother alldewey
Arrayed with the twinkling lights
The wovengold spungilded blinking godeyes
The spearshafts of heaven
The souldwelling rockhomes
Dormition and Dominion
Dormition and Dominion
The Mother is dead
The Mother awakens
She sleeps
He rules
She sleeps and rules
In her starry bodied glory
The Mother sleeps
The Mother loves
Dormition and Dominion
I wait
..Are the holders of the world and its dreams
I say there is no death
No death
We have lived before and shall live again
And again
We have slept before and shall sleep again
We have danced through the shallow pools
And shall rejoice once again
To those who say there is no hope
I say liars
Liars you are
Over the starry dancing stars
There is a land
Under the sweatribbed brow
There is a land
And this is the globed world of the Pantocrator
Finally I have understood
I have understood
I have understood
Though when I slip sleeping and silently
From this ribbed room of sighs
You shall not find the history of His personal visit
Sewn into my linings perhaps
Nevertheless I have understood
Where the logician watches god hinge all on a die
Nevertheless: I have understood!
That all this is the breathbetween moment
Our eyelids open and close
Between is the land
Between the time I first was accepted
In between Your brightboned body
Between then and there and the time You wept:
"Goodbye my love goodbye to you"
Goodbye oh goodbye
There there was the land
In the pearls of our heart
There is the immaculate heavenly loveland
In the middle of the forest Actæon is slain by his own hounds
In the middle of the forest Eustace meets the crisscross Stag
There is the land he has reached paradise
There is no death
There is no death
There as the stag turns and smiled loved
There he was takencaught by the prey
All the flowers are blossoming
And all the world calls to you:
"Dormition" -- so you sleep
"Dominion" -- so he rules
Dormition -- oh You sleep, Mother
Dominion -- Father, You rule

Wednesday, June 7, 2006


Missing blood!!! Missing my own blood!!! I've been missing you girls... I've been missing you FERNANDA, my baby sis!!!!

I ain't the trainman!!!

I've come to realize that most of my students have taken the red pill... So that means, I may not be a teacher - I AM THE ORACLE!!!

Monday, June 5, 2006


Why am I this so altruistic?
Why is it so hard to wait?
Why do I feel stoic in some ways?
Why is it so scary to be alive?
Why do I sense that sometimes my life is sliding through my fingers?
Why can't I just be me?
Why do my words promote tricks against my thoughts?
Why do I lose the best of my chances?
Why is it expected from us? Offspring only?
Why does what I offer is never enough?
Why do we wake up in the morning?
Why have I never given up?
Why do we agree that being alone in this world is NOT the way it is supposed to be?
Why must we seek for pleasure?
Why can't we be fulfilled with a glass of water?
Why do we strive for more and more?
Why should we drive if we can fly?
Why have I told to smile when deep inside all I wanted was to breathe?
Why am I looking for answers?
Why does one think he/she can tell right from wrong?
Why is it so special to own things?
Why am I sitting in front of this PC?
Why do I feel that I have to write such bullshit?
Why are you reading my words?
What do we live for?
Why can't I fully admit that what's happening to this world right now is the plain reality?
Why is all so simple but they have to look so complicated?
Why can't I go deeper into this shitty post????

My office is a "Horder's Shrine"

...and I am so proud of it! Ha.🎉🎉🎉