Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Angeline is one of my best blogger friends. She's wonderful because she's the greatest mom ever. She's got the prettiest children. She writes fine and psychedelically and her blog brings me so much amusement. She's also super because she's requested me a fun post. She's assigned me to write about 5 things that make me happiest. That'll be a piece of cake!!!

Before I get started on that, I owe some explanations why I have been a little away. Firstly, I was enjoying my last days of vacation. I had to do it. I have been taking 15-day vacations yearly since 1998. 15 days are never enough to me. I'm a type B person. I am a confessed lazy-ass kind of individual so, to me vacation means a lot. Workaholic? Are there workaholic folks around? You sick people! Excuuuuuuse me. I'd rather lay on a hammock under the shade of palm trees drinking some cocktail listening to birds chirping... You, Angeline, can consider that my number 1 thing that makes me happy: it is called life. And this little thing called LIFE goes by as fast as a whip.

Another reason why I took a break from blogging came from Bulb's assignment. He'd tagged some of his fellow bloggers to write a sad and shocking story so that Sassy would get a little cheered up. The cause is fair. I've been working on my textS for days. TextS??? Yeah. I came up with two unfinished posts. I may publish both of them. Yet, I've been having a great deal of difficulty at the conclusion part. That is because it's utterly troublesome to write about depressing things - at least for me! I take writing seriously. I may not be keen on it but I often exercise it and hope to achieve a high level on this practice. And this is the thing number 2 that makes me very happy: GOOD WRITING.

I miss vacation already. During those days I had nothing else to do besides resting my wounded toe, petting Tibby, having hot breakfast served while I was still in bed (thanks Roberto), and other good stuff... I also watched movies, many movies, mainly psycho-thrillers. I like other genres too. I am very fond of documentaries, biographical, and silent flicks - especially burlesque comedies. (Speaking of "silent movies", I haven't forgotten that Saucy also assigned me to post something about this topic: "I WILL, SAuCY"). Actually, I love comedies in general. I love jokes, sarcasm, funny events, hilarious posts, t-shirts, stickers - but I peel them after reading... The bottom line is I care for laughing. I laugh, giggle, crack up for any single reason. I laugh at flat tires. I laugh when I'm drunk, and when I'm sober too. I laugh at the pope's preaching. I laugh at Britney Spears's voice. I laugh at meals that end up saulty. I laugh at my own face. I laugh at snobish and pretentious people. I laugh at losers. I laugh when I lose. I laugh at this. I laugh not only because laughing is the third thing that makes me happy, but also because LAUGHTER (3) is the best tool to intelligent reasoning.

I had been away from my own spot, but I've been reading all my favorite blogs. I know that I don't sometimes leave a comment but I read them regularly. Rain or Lori once said that reading a post and not typing a comment is the same as reaching an aswering machine and not recording a message. Excellent comparison! I just don't like being repetitive and I often run into opinions and suggestions which I share and they were previously posted by other reader. Nah! There is no need to rewrite thoughts. I praise originality. Don't like copies. I don't like manufactured ideas. I respect archetypes but I hate stereotypes. I hate fashion for instance. It is not necessary to own a 2006 Escalade just because a celebrity so and so has it. Buying Nike sneakers is lacking individuality. Being unique is a hard task these days. When I get to meet one-of-a-kind folks like my blogger friends... wow, that makes me happy. Simply see for yourselves that one blog is just not like the other one. Number 4 thing is right there: all my FRIENDS: blogger ones, msn ones, orkut ones, real life ones - ALL OF THEM. They are true and original people. All of them are special and very much peculiar.

Sad that my vacation is over. I am back to teaching and running this school that I really love. My 15-day break was quite short but I can't complain. I had the best time although the toe accident. 2005 is also over. It was an interesting year. It's hard to define it but the word 'interesting' pretty much says it all. That was the year when I got a pet for the first time in my life. I admit that I love Tibby to the bones. Last year, I lost my grandpa; I couldn't visit my parents again; I returned to my German language studies. Love love love languages. I got the best students. I taught the best and the worst classes. Serious teaching is based on love. Teachers who don't love what they do are just fooling everyone. In 2005, I also went through depression (Lori gave me great support on that during those times! Bulb helped too!) I almost got divorced (some readers will be surprised, especially my students, since nothing was ever mentioned about this issue). I had even thought of changing my life completely. Thanks to I-don't-know-what, this is all over. Now I know that taking the chance of "changes" would have been the worst decision. I would have lost the number 5 thing that makes me the happiest person ever. I would have given up LOVE. "What 'love' are you talking about, Laila?". L-O-V-E! I could have wasted this love: love for being a fullfilled professional; love for treasuring living things; love for knowing creative and inventive minds; love for being who I am; love for the place I come from; love for making good use of technology... I would have killed the love that lives in and with me.


  1. What a wonderful list, you fantastic lady.
    And what excellent writing!
    (what happened to your TOE??)
    I'll be back! The kids are demanding we go to the zoo...

  2. Hey Angeline! Thanks!

    And about my toe, read here: http://lailachris.blogspot.com/2005/12/happy-2006.html. I entitled that post as "HAPPY 2006" but I meant an ironic tone because there I tell all what happened to my foot -- It was painful, lemme say it!

  3. Back again (before reading about your toe). No zoo. Too rainy.

    Oh, I hope my drunken request didn't put back your other writing. I'm so proud to know you! You're so kind and FANTASTIC...I was very flattered. You certainly made my morning. You don't even know.

    As for your five things...Definitely my top five, as well. Everything I value falls under your categories.
    Incredible how quickly you cranked this out...
    I can't wait to see the stuff you've been taking TIME to work on. It's going to be incredible.

    A big hug of gratitude from Indiana, USA. I needed kind words (and reminders of all that is good).

  4. @Angeline:

    Writing is my way to vent, spit out, even vomit aggravation or anger but it is also my way to keep, "intake", and digest whatever is nutritious around me. It is my way in and out. I purchase things but I also sell by reasonable prices my best words...

    That is also why I named my blog THE PAWNSHOP, in order to type all that wanted and needed about HAPPINESS, I had to have some source and inspiration and I got that from you, your stories, from my small family that I love unconditionally, from my profession, my daily routine which is tough but I couldn't be happier doing what I've been paid to do.

    That text above is actually ad infinitum, that is I can't place a THE END at the bottom of it. For example, I'd like to add that when I mentioned about ORIGINALITY, I didn't mean that pure original texts have to be made every time someone writes... I meant something simpler - avoid repetition/ avoid copying and pasting/ avoid plagiarism/ avoid lack of creativity. I say that to my students when they have composition assignments all the time.

    However, when it comes to fiction, poetry, drama, artistic forms of writing there are no pure original texts. A great Brazilian writer, called PAULO LEMINSKY, once said that and I think he was right. Literature is not made by one's hand. When a great text is being developed, it is written by the hands of the HUMANKIND.

    He meant something like: I can't draw a character in my mind by not taking from my own observations, past experiences, already read materials to build this "new being". We are born and we die alone. But we don't make it through without others' support - not just for producing art, work, family , etc but also for mere survival.

    We depend on one another even though we don't realize or don't want this to be true.

  5. I enjoyed reading this so much. I am a type B too. I don't understand workaholics, I agree, life is so precious. Did I tell you, or maybe you read that I am becoming a teacher. I agree it is about love. Everything is. And I LOVE reading your posts. Enjoy your kitty. Pets are a source of unconditional love, maybe that is why I have so many.
    Now that I have been blogging longer I see your point about not wanting to leave a comment that is repeating what the others before you have said. I run into that myself. I would like to write about my happiness too. We all just love to write, right? (that's my silly little linguistic joke for you ;)

  6. And Rain, you got me laughing!!!

    We do love to write, otherwise we would not be here blogging. I didn't know you have many pets. Post some pictures of them - I'd LOVE to see them.

    I must confess that I didn't know you're studying to become a teacher... WOW! What a great surprise. I'd like to know more about that too. What, who, and where are you gonna teach??? Tell me, tell me, tell me.

    I am looking forward to reading anything that makes you happy, Rain!!!

    PS- I've got a question... a personal one though. Is your name really Rain? If it is, I have to say that this is the most beautiful name that I have ever heard.

  7. oh, what a great post. you really are amazing. I think you write better than some people I know who are native english writers/speakers!!

    your comment on love really hit home. so, so true.

    here's to the end of a vacation, being back teaching, and looking forward to hopefully another vacation in the near future. ah, the flow of life.


  8. Thanks Sarah, but I will repeat what Mr. Leminsky said which is "There are no texts written by only one person's hand. They are all the result of the hands of HUMANKIND "

  9. Hey folks!

    I added one more link under the Tibby's name. Now you guys can see what she looked like when she first stepped into our place!

  10. No, it isn't really Rain. It's Cathy. I used to blog as Cathy, and well it's a long story, but I wanted a "cool" online name. I wish it was my real name. I am going to teach English to kids that are in poorer neighborhoods. I want to help someone, I have lost interest in business, I decided that I want to something more positive. I will post pet photos for you soon!

  11. wow... that's a great quote.

    I'm adding that to my favorite quote collection right now. thank you.

  12. Laila here me purr? You have helped me pass over some rough water too chicky, with your empathy and compassion and your marvelous unique way of seeing people and the world…what I would give to glimpse into your mind, but then again you give us a glimpse with every post, and for that I thank you.

    You know I still giggle when I think about your idea of taking picks at your funeral, you are so creative and off the wall in a brilliant way. And chicky you know how to have fun. Xxx, Lori

  13. What the hell did I do???
    (ps you still owe me $80,-)

  14. I love* you all - Lori; Rain; Sarah; Bulb; Gabe; Saucy; Shorty; D.Y.S; Carol; Gabriel; Sabrina, and of course Angeline. I love you all so so so much. Thanks for everything!

    *It is important to pinpoint that I am not drunk... not quite yet!!! LOL


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