Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Peace treaty

Valid during many months: The recognition of your own limitations can now enable you to achieve a natural authority which helps you to be more adept when dealing with others. This is particularly likely if you are in a wider sense occupied in a therapeutical or pedagogical role. Both with yourself and others you are intuitively able to strike a balance between sternness and sympathy, and this can be a great help if you are involved in counseling or educating others.

This is a very good time to deal with the mental or physical scars resulting from wounds inflicted by your parents or other figures of authority. Of particular relevance are situations in which you felt totally misunderstood or experienced a painful rejection which made you unable to forgive the person concerned. Be especially alert if these people suddenly reappear in your life, because this influence can help you to make conciliatory approaches to others.

During this time you will come to see your everyday structures and routine in a new light. You sense a growing urge to overcome old and particularly oppressive restrictions which limit your freedom to act. These may either be self-imposed or result from your sense of obligation to others. It is not so important to remove all your burdens and difficulties - on the contrary, your new understanding can help you to deal with your personal and social responsibilities and obligations in a new and more positive way.

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