Friday, July 20, 2007

Extra extra

My blogging life is extra busy. I own a mysterious number of blogs. However, I like this one much better. This blog is my oldest and my dearest one for sure. I decided to start this blogspot in October, 2004, because I needed a special webplace to practice my English writings, copy and paste my favorite web reads, and vent every now and then about everyday matters. English language isn't my mother tongue. No, it is not. I speak Portuguese on a daily basis. Brazil is the country where I live and in here people speak only this language. Really, there aren't any Spanish speakers in this territory. Or better saying, there are some but they are either tourists that can't speak the local language or foreigners who live next door. Some Bolivian, Uruguayan, and Argentinean do move to Brazil in order to start up a more financially successful life. Luckily, most of them are able to make it. And ironically, Brazilians do move out to start up a better life in European countries or they go to the USA, Canada, or even Australia. I myself lived in Florida for a while though my trip was part of an exchange program. I went to the US to achieve a college degree. And I did. I studied Liberal Arts in a community college in Saint Petersburg, Pinellas County (Tampa Bay area). I had also taken another college degree course in Brazil before moving to Uncle Sam's land. I hold a bachelor's degree in Journalism from UEL (Universidade Estadual de Londrina). Another interesting fact of my life is that my present occupation is not actually based on writing or arts per se. I teach ESL for a living (English as a Second Language). Never would I imagine becoming a teacher in this life. Well, maybe I should have since my both parents are ESL teachers. My husband manages an ESL school and teaches English as well. We live along with a Siamese cat called Tibby. Hubby is called Roberto and my first name is Laila. We have been non officially married for almost 10 years and we have been officially dating since September 1991. Btw, I'm in my early thirties. Hubby and I have been going through gizillions of ups and downs in this life and yet we keep on moving. We work hard to pay facilities including the broad band Internet wireless connection which allows me blog on. We do struggle. We do love what we do. I love my writings, my husband, my kitty, my occupation, my blogs. I love being me.

Ms Burden

PS: I haven't checked the news on the latest airplane crash in Brazil but I can assure you that that flying in this country has never EVER been that scary before.

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