Saturday, July 14, 2007


Good day. How now. Lives shit. Bit lippy. Me sir. All mouth. No sir. Wonderful teeth. Think so. All black. What say. Black decay. Say again. Death rattle. No drugs. Fine coquette. What the. Silence now. No trouble. None given. Queer sort. Could be. Think so. Lovely pins. Look see. Higher higher. Like them. Fine pair. Legs fool. I was. Cheeky bugger. Maybe later. You devil. How much. Ten pound. Bloody hell. Heaven inside. Heaven say. Cozy warm. Cozy vacuum. Tight me. I bet. You bet. I bet. Feel feel. Later later. Pay taste. How much. Twelve pound. Piss take. Come come. Thats it. Pluck me. I intend. You do. I do. Fancy that. Fancy that. Not here. Not here. No eyes. The police. The pimps. Around nearby. Dirty agora. What now. Fancy Greek. Clever once. Was once. Lets go. Go where. Just follow. A second. Come come. Where again. Over there. Behind here. Follow me. Follow you. Hurry hurry. All feet. Right here. Nice pair. Thank you. Very nice. Touch them. Love to. Well well. Very nice. Real babies. No lie. The truth. Bloody spectacular. Too hard. Sorry love. Thats fine. Next time. Go again. Of course. Lovely doxy. Thank you. Nice bristols. Again thanks. Little stiff. Keep playing. Red cherries. Thats it. Lovely nips. Keep playing. Hard soon. I feel. Keep going. My wrist. Feels good. Lovely tits. Hard now. Rock hard. Lovely cock. Thank you. Bag it. You do. Like this. No mouth. Kinky bugger. Thats it. Extra tenner. Bloody thief. Like this. Dont stop. Twenty pound. Feels wonderful. Dirty boy. Keep saying. Bad boy. Berate me. Berate you. Berate more. Stinky pipe. More more. Cheesy tube. O yes. Big cock. More more. Lovely cock. Repeat repeat. Lovely cock. In mouth. Yes deep. Bloody bitch. Dirty bitch. what now. Good shag. Not Standing. Of course. Bad back. No lying. The truth. Lie down. Ill ride. Dirty cowgirl. Love it. Remove underwear. I will. Nice draws. Thank you. Close shave. Only way. No crabs. Don’t jest. Just laved. Clean me. Hope so. You also. Clean whistle. Hard blower. Love it. Big hard. Can’t wait. Get down. Touch first. Cheeky bugger. Real deal. No man. See that. Lovely jewel. Not battered. Nice tight. Waiting waiting. Slow down. Moneys time. Bloody capitalist. What what. Fifty pound. Thank you. Lovely crack. The dawn. The night. All clammy. For you. Been busy. Your touch. Many cocks. Your finger. Slips in. I’m waiting. I tell. Down there. A puddle. Shag yes. Of course. Well then. Ok ok. Thats it. Lovely cock. Hold it. I am. Sit down. Slow slow. O tease. Love it. I do. I know. I do. I know. I do. Ready now. Inside you. It will. Lips closing. Bloody beautiful. Sixty pound. Seventy pound. Here goes. An oven. All yours. On fire. Best cunt. The best. The best. Ever had. Up down. Down up. Too fast. Too slow. O god. Love it. I do. Dirty bastard. And Again. Filthy shit. Slap me. I will. That hurt. Again again. Yes yes. Here goes. Closer closer. Deeper deeper. Big cock. My hetaera. What say. You are. I am. My bitch. Yes yes. Love cock. Thick big. Dirt box. More more. Thousand cocks. Million cocks. Semen rivers. Pouring out. Big bucket. Your bucket. Filthy cave. Fill me. Come me. Yes come. Inside you. Inside me. Feel them. I will. Touch them. Love to. Well well. Very nice. Real babies. No lie. The truth. Bloody fabulous. Too hard. Sorry love. Thats fine. Next time. Go again. Of course. Lovely doxy. Thank you. Nice bristols. Again thanks. Little stiff. Keep playing. Red cherries. That’s it. Lovely nips. Keep playing. Come soon. I feel. Keep going. My money. Soon promise. Lovely tits. Lovely cock. Kiss me. No chance. No kiss. No way. Why not. Don’t do. What what. Can’t do. Tongue fight. No no. Bloody hell. Going soft. It cant. I feel. Keep up. Like this. Hard again. It is. Told you. You did. Never fail. I feel. Beautiful beautiful. Like this. Yes yes. And this. Yes yes. Close you. Yes yes. I feel. Spit spit. On you. Me face. Dirty phlegm. Cough up. Like this. Deeper deeper. What like. The gut. The gut. The bile. Me bile. Your puke. Me puke. Your turds. Me turds. Sick fuck. O yes. Bloody hell. I know. You ready. Spit away. Another one. More snot. Ill try. Hurry hurry. Close now. So close. Here comes. Come here. More spit. Ok ok. Bloody hell. Feel it. Shooting up. Deep inside. Warm inside. Extremely warm. Belly bloated. To bursting. A fart. What say. So good. You were. Thank you. Thank you. So money. O yes. Twenty pound. You said. Yes but. No but. Fifteen now. Fifteen no. Think so. Here take. Bloody bastard. Hope not. What say. No bastard. Tubes tied. Thank god.
By Paul Kavanagh


  1. Heard abt the horrific crash. Hope you and yours are safe and fine, laila! God bless.

  2. It was a terrible accident. A couple of people who live in this town have died and many others from São Paulo whom my parents knew too. Terrible!

  3. Just thought I'd stop by and let you know I'm thinking of you. :)

  4. thanks for being there, Sassy!

    lotsa love


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